An example for Battle Power.

Battle Power is both a measure of your PVP prowess and a quick way to check your overall strength.

You can see an overview of the components of you battle power in the User Info, or even better, comparing against other players in the Fighting Pits.

The Game uses different values of Battle Power in different parts of the Kingdom. The three main values are: Kingdom Battle Power (used in the World and Blitz Acres battles), Kingdom + Prisoner Battle Power (used in Fighting Pits, Boss Clash, Mysterious Island, Castle Defense, and Prison battles) and Crown Port Battle Power (used in Crown Port battles).

Almost all upgrades in the game will increase your BP. Here is an incomplete list of the ways to increase your Battle Power (or BP)

  • Engineering Quarter
    • Fortify your towers
    • Research abilities for the tier three towers
    • Purchase talents for your towers
  • Forge (only when using it)
    • Armory Equipment (If it is better than yours or would be worth of further Research)
    • Technology Factory (Smelting and Research, so far the best ways for F2P players to get high level Equipment)
  • Magic Ward
    • Level up your magic skills
    • Research improvements to your magic spells and upgrade talents
    • Harvest Essence to give your skills extra power
  • Tavern
    • Increase the number of heroes you have
    • Get upgrade tomes to upgrade hero skills
  • Training Grounds
  • Hall of Heroes
    • Add equipments to your heroes (helm, amulet, armor, weapon and outfit)
    • Enhance the items a hero is using and researching
    • Purchase talents for your heroes
    • Purchase skills for your heroes
    • Augment your heroes
    • Improve the type of soldiers who are similar to your hero (Warrior, Archer, Mage or Cannoneer)
    • Upgrade your heroes' rank
  • Barracks and Rural Camp
    • Increase the size of your army (number of Soldiers only, does not directly increase Battle Power)
  • Manor
    • Grow Royal Wheat to increase Hero Experience
  • Castle
    • Purchase Technology levels

See Gold#Gold_to_Battle_Power_Ratio for a discussion on efficiency of the ways to improve it.

Battle Power Comparison


This little feature in the Fighting Pits allows you to see how much Battle Power you posses and where it all comes from. It is divided in twelve categories. We'll go over them one by one.

Hero Power

This part allows you to see the BP you gain from leveling your heroes (the effects of your Training Grounds) + BP gained from upgrading Soldiers.


This represents the BP you gain from all the equipment that is worn by your heroes, that also includes any BP gained from outfits.

Hero Skill

All the added BP from all the skills you unlocked and upgraded on your hero panel.


The same as the hero skills, but for all your unlocked talents. The maximum is 35300 BP.


The BP gained from every successful augment done on your Heroes (5 for a Gold augment, 20 for Heroic Medals).


All the BP gained from the Jewelry worn by your heroes (can be equipped in the Training Grounds).

Tower Fortification

All BP gained from upgrading your towers in the Engineering Quarter.

Tower Research

This is the BP you gain from unlocking new towers and skills for towers. The maximum is 32840 BP.

Magic Upgrades

All BP gained from upgrading magic skills in the Magic Ward.

Magic Research

This is the sum of the unlocked and upgraded skills in the Magic Ward + their talents.


This represents all the BP gained from upgrading technology in your Castle and all BP gained from Tower Talents (R&D Technology).


The total amount of BP gained from your Crown Port. This includes every upgrade and skill in the CP.