Berserk Reindeers Edit

BB. Re Berserk Y.Reindeer BPB BRR
This is one of Santa Claus' reindeer with 4 heads. They were captured by the evil armies and become their newest weapon.
Hit Points Damage Armor Lives
Armor-magic Low 20
Speed Range Air Goods
Slow Melee No 35
- Stun soldiers in a small AOE (Blue)

- Summon Evil Snowmen (Yellow) - Accelerate enemies' speed (Red) - Restore HP (Purple)

Berserk Reindeers are reindeer bosses with 4 different color versions (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple) in Christmas Level. They are Santa Claus' pets which are captured and mutated by the evil Orcs. Each of them has different stats and abilities.