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Blessings Postcard is an event.

The event consists of four total rounds, each round lasts three days. Each round has Level Rankings based on kingdom level ranges: lvl 1-30 / lvl 31-50 / lvl 51-70 per server and Full Rankings which covers all Kingdom levels across all servers. The rankings are based points which stand for the number of main event items.

There are different versions of the Blessings Postcard event:

Each version of this event has the same structure and goal, the theme and items to gather differ between the versions:

  1. Postcards / Little King's Box / Fireworks. Every day there is a chance this item drops three times in the tavern and when enhancing equipment, so a total of six items each day.
  2. Stamp / Key / Lighters. Every day there is a chance this item drops five times in the Fighting Pits, the Beast Cave, the Blitz Acres and Treasure Hunt, so a total of twenty can drop each day.

The no 1. type item can be opened by the no 2. type item. When doing so there is a chance of getting one or more of the following items:

The main goal is to get as many of the main event item for the Rankings. The rankings have the following rewards:

Level Rankings Edit

Rank Notch Rock/Grindstone/Magic Hammer/Mysterious Mushroom & Heroic Medal Equipment Reward
1st 10 Orc King Set
2nd 8 Small Legend Equipment Chest
3rd 6 Small Rare Equipment Chest
4-10 5
11-50 3

Full Rankings Edit

Rank Grindstone Heroic Medal Dark Soul Crystal
1st 10 3
2nd 8 2
3rd 5 1
No.4 3 N/A
No.5 2 N/A

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