• Hoanganh13

    Well I'm busy with my own upcoming book based on Minecraft project "PROJECT Ressurection" so...

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  • Hà Mỹ Giang

    Well, in this new book, I'm going to talk about the main chapters.

    All the chapters will be inspired from all latest games during Cassandra's lifetime.

    Chapter 1: The First Sight

    Chapter 2: To Do, Or Done?

    Chapter 3: A Mind Without Doubts

    Chapter 4: Days of Glory and Pride Over

    Chapter 5: Epilogue

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  • Hà Mỹ Giang

    Cassandra's Tale shall be released next year :)

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  • Hoanganh13

    1m Battle Power Milestone

    November 26, 2016 by Hoanganh13

    I have reached 1m Battle Power!!! 

    Now we have something to share with:

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  • Hoanganh13

    Hi Citizens!

    During Teacher's Day, we will be busy, so others can still update as normal.

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  • Hoanganh13

    Here we are, riding the sky

    Painting the night with sun

    You and I, mirrors of light

    Twin flames of fire

    Lit in another time and place

    I knew your name

    I knew your face

    Your love and grace

    Past and present now embrace

    Worlds collide in inner space

    Unstoppable, the song we play

    Burn the page for me

    I cannot erase the time of sleep

    I cannot be loved so set me free

    I cannot deliver your love 

    Or caress your soul so

    Turn that page for me

    I cannot embrace the touch that you give

    I cannot find solace in your words

    I cannot deliver you your love 

    Or caress your soul

    Age to age

    I feel the call

    Memory of future dreams

    You and I, riding the sky

    Keeping the fire bright

    From another time and place

    I knew your name

    I knew your face

    Your to…

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  • Hoanganh13

    Suggestions 2

    June 11, 2016 by Hoanganh13

    Next part of Suggestions I send for you, Shinezone:

    1. Either increase overall stats of Towers, Heroes and Magic Skills or reduce enemy stats.
    2. Add more Magic Skills' Upgrades.
    3. Add a Special Attack Bar for Heroes. For example, it shows the Rage needed for a special attack to launch. Sir Lance Alotte will deal massive damage to enemies, especially fliers and block them. 
    4. Add a Level Editor
    5. Auto-play Events at the start of the day.
    6. Make a new World Map and a full Storyline, improve Quests rewards.
    7. Open new Blitz Acres waves, new Lv 70 or more equipments.
    8. New Hero and Soldier Ranks
    9. A third Crown Port Map and more Mysterious Island places to be explored
    10. Enable Dig Events to collect things for a full time, not only a week.
    11. Unlock more F2P contents and clear …

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  • Hoanganh13

    Suggestions 1

    June 8, 2016 by Hoanganh13

    Here is a list of suggestions I want to send you, Shinezone.


    1. Either increase overall damage dealt of Towers, Heroes and Magic Skills or reduce enemy health.*
    2. Add more Magic Skills' Upgrades.*
    3. Add a Special Attack Bar for Heroes. For example, it shows the Rage needed for a special attack to launch. Sir Lance Alotte will deal massive damage to enemies, especially fliers and block them. 
    4. A Level Editor to test for us
    5. Auto-play Events at the start of the day. Don't be late.*
    6. Make a new World Map and a full Storyline*
    7. Open new Blitz Acres waves, new Lv 70 or more equipments.*
    8. New Hero and Soldier Ranks*
    9. A third Crown Port Map*
    10. Enable Dig Events to collect things for a full time, not only a week.
    11. Unlock more F2P contents and clear details about them.
    12. Focu…
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  • Hoanganh13


    January 18, 2016 by Hoanganh13

    Mã số thi các khối theo các khung giờ thi như sau:

    1) Khung giờ thi sáng ngày 16/01/2016:

     + Lớp 3: 12011611115891

     + Lớp 4: 12011611121178

     + Lớp 5:  12011611121503

     + Lớp 6: 12011611121792

     + Lớp 7: 12011611122088

     + Lớp 8: 12011611122624

     + Lớp 9: 12011611123219

     + Lớp 10: 12011611123653

     + Lớp 11: 12011611124200

      + Lớp 12: 12011611124672

    2) Khung giờ thi chiều ngày 16/01/2016:

    + Lớp 3: 12011611125482

     + Lớp 4: 12011611130147

     + Lớp 5:  12011611243460

     + Lớp 6: 12011611243832

    + Lớp 7: 12011611244146

    + Lớp 8: 12011611244477

    + Lớp 9: 12011611244838

    + Lớp 10: 12011611245232

    + Lớp 11: 12011611251094

    + Lớp 12: 12011611251521

    3) Khung giờ thi sáng ngày 17/01/2016:

    + Lớp 3: 12011611252288

     + Lớp 4: 12011611252685

     + Lớp 5:  12011611253016

     + Lớp 6: 12011611253309

    + Lớp …

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  • Hoanganh13
    • Rowan The Wise, Jeopardy for the Horde, Resurrection of the Scourge, Malfurion's Quest (Turnro)
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  • Hoanganh13

    Custom Game - Warcraft: Flash RPG is a game to be released in December 2016. It has some notable elements from Warcraft series.

    Unit Race HP/Mana Damage Armor Attack per second Cost Spells (yes or no) Spawning Place Special


    Human 100/0 3-4 0 0.7 100 Gold No Town Hall Build buildings, cut trees and labor in the Gold Mine.
    Footman Human 150/0 9-18 5 1 300 Gold No Barracks Attacks enemies with a sword, use Defend to reduce 50% ranged damage.
    Elven Archer Elf 125/0 10-15 0 1.3 400 Gold, 100 Lumber No Barracks Attacks enemies from afar.
    Dwarven Rifleman Dwarf 130/0 12-17 2


    500 Gold, 200 Lumber No Barracks Attacks enemies from afar, pierces 10% armor.
    Knight/Paladin Human 250/300 (Paladin) 20-30 7 1 1000 Gold, 500 Lumber Healing, Holy Vision,…

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  • Hoanganh13

    As both Alliance and Shadow Runners suffer massive losses, with Warders and Merchant's Guild forces you can go into the Shadow Runners capital, you see the mortal battle of Alliance King Lightwarden and Shadow Lord Xin. Both of them have equipped with the best weapons. Lightwarden uses his holy powers to destroy Shadow Lord's abominations, but the undead were too overwhelming that he has been heavily injured and Xin asks him: "Will you join the Shadow Runners, or feel your death from my blade?"

    Lightwarden refuses. Xin has him dead and wants to control all Alliance forces for the conquest. Unable to contain your anger, you draw your blade and have a duel with him. As you use your last powers to kill him, Xin has been killed and fall before …

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  • Hoanganh13

    100% Completion

    September 26, 2015 by Hoanganh13

    To achieve that, you need:

    • Get VIP 9
    • Highest level
    • Buy every number of card picks at Tavern
    • Complete all levels with 3 stars and Quests
    • Unlock all slots in Manor and Training Grounds
    • Ugprade all castle and Crown Port technologies at max level
    • Upgrade towers/magic skills and talents at max level
    • All heroes with max level, perfect at everything (including skills, talents, augment, equipment, jewelry, rank, soldiers)
    • Rural Camp and Barracks at max level
    • Research all towers and magic skills
    • Being the 1st rank at everything
    • Complete Boss Clash
    • Buy all starter packs
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  • Hoanganh13

    My Worst Moment

    September 11, 2015 by Hoanganh13
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  • LeoWoo

    BA 66-70 Poseidon(s)

    August 30, 2015 by LeoWoo

    I will show you how to beat BA lv70 with Rocketeer.

    I am going to divide the whole process into 3 phases. 

    In the first phase, use towers to defeat level 66-69;

    in the second phase,  start to use Durin to Rocketeer Poseidons and the other heroes to deal with rushing mobs;

    finally, change tower setting and keep Rocketeer-ing Poseidons till win.

    I am a big fun of cannon. My Cannon tower's level is 70 and all its talents are level 10 (except the one reducing cost, level 0). Witch tower's level is 54 and only range talent is level 10 (all the others are level 0). Though Witch tower's level is lower, its specials are still effective.

    In the first and second phases, I use Bombadier (Tracker Shot + Shrapnel Shot), Oiler (Ignition Oil + Jumbo Vat), and …

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  • Hoanganh13

    The Pit of Maledictus

    August 18, 2015 by Hoanganh13
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  • Hoanganh13

    Stone Rising

    July 11, 2015 by Hoanganh13

    Hi everyone, I have made a story again. This time, it's made from my dreams. This story is called Stone Rising.

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  • Hoanganh13

    It's a year since the first anniversary of The King of Towers, why don't we think about ideas of creating The King of Towers lego sets? It would be very good.

    They are: 92001 Orc Ambush 92002 Wolfbane Battle 92003 Korina on Tundra

    Since I was a Lego collector, I wanted to see your ideas.

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  • Hoanganh13

    This is my first story about characters.

    King Jain Lantafik the King(age 37): He's the successor of his father. Also the Majesty of Azylon .

    Sir Lance Alotte the Knight(age 32): He's a Silver Knight, also War Veteran Hans' old friend.

    Robin Eagleye the Ranger(age 23): He's a skillful marksman.

    Korina Chantress the Mage(age 19): She's the only female magician and she's powerful at magic.

    Durin Atomika the Bomber(age 36): He's a master of bombs, a goblin of a family.

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  • Hoanganh13

    Attention everyone,

    In order to make The King of Towers Wiki more active, I have founded a High Council and promoted some highlighted titles:

    Wiki Grand Council Masters (gives all control and chancellor over the Wiki): Me

    Wiki Grand Masters (support GCM): ExSpL0Si0N

    Wiki Masters (also the adminstrators and bureaucrats, counting staff members): HyperDream, Jeahra, Merrystar

    Wiki Advisors (give advice for Wiki Master and also have some responsiblities from Wiki Master): Angren, Maive17, Ebjay

    Wiki Supporters (update the latest edit): Hena wp (Chat moderator), LeoWoo, Madcookiedough

    Wiki Operators: Shadowblack, Shandlar4, Doctus1

    Please feel free to ask me if you want!

    There are also some objectives for you to do, see Special:Statistics. If you can co…

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  • Hoanganh13
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  • Hoanganh13


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  • Hoanganh13

    At the Canine Fortress .

    Wolfbane: Now, we have enough strength to conquer Azylon for our own! We'll capture King Jain Lantafik and kill him in the process!

    Orc: Why have we need to do this?

    Wolfbane: Because we were once unsatisfied orcs, ruled by humans. This time, I will get revenge about this!

    (All Orcs roar.)

    End of Chapter 3.

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  • Hoanganh13

    King Jain Lantafik: Hans, it's time for you to recruit some heroes to join our army.

    War Veteran Hans: Yes, my Highness.

    Meanwhile in the Tavern...

    Knight: Attention heroes. All heroes, who have one or more talents, please join the Kingdom army. We will reward all participants with proper training.

    Robin Eagleye: We have a new job to do, Korina! Let's do it!

    Korina Chantress: Oh.....But I am not going to join...

    Robin Eagleye: Why not?

    Korina Chantress: I need to learn my magic for a year. Can you wait?

    Robin Eagleye: Of course, however, you can join the army while learning your magic. Do you agree?

    Korina Chantress: Yes... I will go with you. It's a pleasure to joining the Kingdom army.

    At the ranks of Kingdom's army, many heroes from the lands of …

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  • Hoanganh13

    I made a Fanfic: Alliance Wars. See chapters below:

    Act I: Human-Orcs Wars

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: Recruitment

    Chapter 3: Orc Leader

    Chapter 4: Reasons of wars

    Chapter 5: Citopolis City

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  • Hoanganh13

    To me, I made a title board to assign KoT Contributors.

    Wiki Expert: Me

    Wiki Adminstrator: Jeahra

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  • Hoanganh13

    New Features:

    • PVP (Towers vs Towers): Use Towers to defend your Kingdom against other players' armies.
    • Diamond Harvest(limited-time event): When you grow crops in the Manor, you could receive 1 diamond per harvest in 5 days.
    • Castle Defense: Defend your Castle with towers. If you lose, there will have a PVP fight against the defender. If your armies are all killed, you will lose gold and resources. (See at first feature)
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  • Hoanganh13

    Korina Chantress

    April 7, 2015 by Hoanganh13

    Because there's only a female mage, why don't we increase her strength? She would be more useful to fight for us.

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  • Hoanganh13

    Essence Harvesting

    April 7, 2015 by Hoanganh13

    This can help us to spend Elemental Contracts and maximize the unleashed power in three spells.

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  • Hoanganh13

    First winner: DallasinAustin

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