New enemies include:

Broiling Wetlands Edit

Toll Broiling Wetlands

Scouts have said that a pod of Slime will be upon us in about 3 days with no way to get around themBetter to face them ready than to try to get around be snuck up on.Watch your step, the Broiling Wetlands is a dangerous terrain even without enemies.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/2400 750/140 Quality Fairy Wood 8% 41 3.7/1
Heroic 5/1/2200 750/190 Quality Fairy Wood 11%

Pure Air Essence 8%

44 4/1
Hard 1/6/2300 750/265 Quality Fairy Wood 11%

Pure Air Essence 8% Notch Rock 40%

45 4.3/1

Strategy Edit

Waves Edit

Easy Edit

Heroic Edit

Hard Edit

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