Burial Grounds Edit

Toll Burial Grounds

A growing number of skeletons bubbling from the ground has increased soldiers' casualties.The situation is dangerious.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/19/1400 620/110 Quality Rainbow Ore 6% 30 2.7/1
Heroic 5/1/1600 620/150 Quality Rainbow Ore 9%

Pure Earth Essence 6%

33 5.2/1
Hard 1/6/2000 620/210 Quality Rainbow Ore 9%

Pure Earth Essence 6% Notch Rock 35%

34 3.1/1

Strategy Edit

Waves Edit

Easy Edit

Heroic Edit

Wave 1

  • Left: Fiery Canine x12, Berserk Banner Guard x4, Succubus x4, Desert Coyotes x210
  • Top: Orc Sentinel x180, Purgatorist x3
  • Right: Helldog x6, Hellboar x10, Desert Coyotes x35, Aborignal Sentinel x180, Enraged Ursa Captain x2, Hellboar King x2, Berserk Wolfrider x3

Hard Edit

Wave 1

  • Left: Berserk Orc x10, Berserk Aborignal Warrior x10
  • Top: Skeleton x40
  • Right: Giant Scorpion x5, Berserk Aborignal Warrior x15

Wave 2

  • Left: Berserk Orc x20, Berserk Aborignal Warrior x20, Berserk Banner Guard x3
  • Top: Skeleton x40, Desert Bandit x5
  • Right: Giant Scorpion x20

Wave 3

  • Left: Berserk Aborignal Warrior x120
  • Top: Skeleton x180, Desert Bandit x15
  • Right: Desert Coyotes x200

Wave 4

  • Left: Purgatorist x2, Berserk Banner Guard x8
  • Top: Skeleton x20, Desert Bandit x15
  • Right: Giant Scorpion x14, Skorpio x1

Wave 5

  • Left: Purgatorist x20
  • Top: Skeleton x60, Desert Bandit x10
  • Right: Cactaren x10, Giant Scorpion x30, Skorpio x2

Wave 6

  • Left: Berserk Aborignal Warrior x30, Berserk Banner Guard x12, Berserk Orc x15, Purgatorist x4
  • Top: Skeleton x80, Desert Bandit x20
  • Right: Cactaren x5, Giant Scorpion x20, Skorpio x2

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