New Enemies Edit

Citopolis Center Edit

Toll Citopolis Center

The orcs underestimated us and left most of their fighting in force in the city center. Root out the invaders!

Heroic: No arrow No cannon

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 200/5/270 260/35 Rainbow Ore 16% 1 1/1
Heroic 5/1/240 260/45 Rainbow Ore 26%

Earth Essence 17%

4 1/1
Hard 1/6/390 260/60 Rainbow Ore 26%

Earth Essence 17% Notch Rock 20%

5 1/1

Strategy Edit

Hard Edit

Use Mage Towers to destroy heavily armored enemies.

Waves Edit

Easy Edit

Wave 1: Goblin x6, Orc x4, Witch Doc x2

Wave 2: Goblin x12, Orc x3

Wave 3: Blood Wyvern x1, Wolf x10

Wave 4: Goblin x8, Wild Boar x3, Wolf x6

Wave 5: Orc x5, Blood Wyvern x2, Wild Boar x6

Heroic Edit

Available Towers: Arrow, Barracks

Wave 1: Goblin x148, Orc x42, Wild Boar x10, Wolf x44

Hard Edit

Wave 1: Orc Vanguard x2, Orc Sentinel x16

Wave 2: Wild Boar x2, Orc Vanguard x6

Wave 3: Boar King x6, Orc Vanguard x4

Wave 4: Boar King x5, Wild Boar x3, Orc Vanguard x5

Wave 5: Boar King x10, Orc Vanguard x10

Wave 6: Wild Boar x7, Orc Vanguard x18

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