Citopolis Gate Edit

Toll Citopolis Gate

The orcs that have laid siege to Citopolis have come to the gates to defend the captured city.

Heroic: No arrow No mage

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 200/4/385 250/30 Rainbow Ore 12% 1 1/1
Heroic 5/1/315 250/40 Rainbow Ore 22%

Earth Essence 14%

3 1/1
Hard 1/6/300 250/55 Rainbow Ore 22%

Earth Essence 14% Notch Rock 20%

4 1/1

Waves Edit

Easy Edit

Wave 1: Goblin x8

Wave 2: Goblin x6, Wolf x3

Wave 3: Goblin x5, Wolf x6

Wave 4: Goblin x8, Orc x6

In Easy Mode, this is the first time you played, so you don't need any help.

Heroic Edit

Available Towers: Cannoner, Barracks

Wave 1: Goblin x77, Orc x19

This is the actual order of enemies for wave 1:

  • Orc x3
  • Goblin x5
  • Goblin x5
  • Orc x3
  • Goblin x7
  • Goblin x12
  • Orc x5
  • Goblin x18
  • Orc x8
  • Goblin x30

Hard Edit

Disabled Tower Locations: First two north

Wave 1: Orc Sentinel x19

Wave 2: Orc Vanguard x6, Orc Sentinel x10

Wave 3: Orc Vanguard x6

Wave 4: Orc Vanguard x4, Orc Sentinel x12

Wave 5: Orc Vanguard x6

Wave 6: Orc Vanguard x4, Orc Sentinel x20

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