The Cyclops King has been replaced with Poseidon, which in turn has been discontinued.

The Cyclops King is the Boss Battle of the game. This event happens twice a day, at 10:00 and at 20:00, Server Time, but each player can only challenge it once a day.

In this PVP event, you compete against all players in your Battle Group to make the most damage to an impressive monster. You will repeatedly go to battle against it (only to be crushed in a set time), and all damage you make to it is accumulated until the boss is defeated. The boss has a level (different for every Battle Group), and each time it is defeated it will go up a level. Each level adds 250 000 HP.

You can go up against the boss once each 40 seconds. You can skip this cooldown for 5 diamonds. You can skip the boss battle animation at no cost (this is recommended since it may take longer than the cooldown).

You can use the "Morale Drums" to increase your damage by 20% each time (maximum 100% bonus from morale)

  • 250 Honor Star: 35% of getting the boost. Don't. It's not economical for most players (unless you are realistically going to rank). You are here to win Honor, not to spend it.
  • 10 diamonds: 100% of getting the boost.

The event is scheduled to last for 12 minutes, first 2 minutes for preparation and start battle, but despite the huge health pool of the boss, it is usually defeated in 2-8 minutes. Because of server lag and huge number of participants, depending on your physical location you may be unable to enter the battle for the first 30-40 seconds.


Players are rewarded as follows:

  • For each time you go against the boss in battle: a small amount of Gold and Honor Stars. E.g. for 10.072 damage done you may receive 41 Gold and 21 Honor Stars. This formula is always changing.
  • For battling at least 1 time: 1000 Gold and 200 Honor Stars
  • For the three highest damage dealers
    • 1st: 5000 gold, 1000 Honor Stars, 5 Grindstone, and a Bravery Chest
    • 2nd: 4000 gold, 750 Honor Stars, 4 Grindstone, and a Bravery Chest
    • 3rd: 3000 gold, 500 Honor Stars, 2 Grindstone, and a Bravery Chest
    • 4 - 10th: 2000 Gold, 300 Honor Stars, 1 grindstone
Killing Blow

(the player killing the Cyclops is usually not one of the highest damage dealers)

  • 5000 gold, 1000 Honor Stars, 5x Grindstone, and a Cyclops Chest

Cyclops Chest (for killing blow) may contain:

Bravery Chest (for ranking) may contain:

All rewards are useful to improve your Heroes. In particular, the Hero Upgrade Chest is one of the few ways to get the Soul Shards needed to upgrade your heroes' Rank. See Rank for the rest of places you can get this chest, and other sources of Soul Shards.