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Daily Tasks List

This feature gets unlocked at Kingdom Level 18 after doing a Blitz Acres attempt. It is a good way to get some extra coins and honor stars each day.

Daily Tasks

  • Collect Kingdom Tax 1x
  • Undertake one free Jewel Crafter exploration. Note: It's advantageous to you to unlock the highest one you can manage (Death Desert or Endless Swamp would be best, but Lava Soil will do) in order to convert this to the highest possible reward. The free exploration is the first one of the day, so if the only one you have is the 200 gold one, you're cheating yourself out of gold.
  • Harvest crops 2x
  • Collect supplies 2x
  • Collect 1 level taxes
  • Shuffle cards 3x at tavern
  • Battle 10x at the Fighting Pits
  • Against the wild monsters (Boss Clash) 10x
  • Enter a Blitz Acres battle
  • Conquer other territories 8 times (After unlocking the Prison)


Points Old New (Update 383 - 386)
30 100 Gold 500 Gold
80 100 Honor 2 Grindstone and 100 Honor
130 200 Gold and 5 Ham 10 Ham and 3 Citrine Lv.1
180 200 Honor and 1 Grindstone 1000 Gold, 200 Honor and 1 Upgrade Tome Lv.1


Your Vigilance points are not deducted when you claim a chest, which means if you've completed all the daily tasks, you are able to claim all 4 prizes for the day. It resets to zero the next day.

Note that you may be unable to get maximum points the first time this is available to you. At first you'll need to complete every task to be able to claim the 4th prize. Once you unlock the Prison you'll have more flexibility and could event opt not to do some of the tasks (there are a maximum of 222 Vigilance points at that moment, and you only need 180).