Death's Lair Edit

Toll Death's Lair

The enemy is far more clever than you imagined. There's no other option but to win or die when faced with a treacherous situation.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/14/2400 850/155 Quality Black Gold 4% 50 4.5/1
Heroic 5/1/1800 850/220 Quality Black Gold 7%

Pure Water Essence 4%

53 4.8/1
Hard 1/6/2000 850/300 Quality Black Gold 7%

Pure Water Essence 4% Notch Rock 40%

54 5.1/1

Strategy Edit

  • Easy Strategy Tornado is not recommended, assasins and snipers good work. Use Cannon for bigger swarm of enemies. Good work make 3-leveled barracks.
  • Heroic Strategy On the First Witch Tower and barracks and two 3-leveled Cannoners, Please very fast upgrade tornado to max, Towers on left and right only Archers and 2 Cannons. This Strategy Recommended 41 lvl+. When is probably big problems with Mud Golems, please spawn Ice Elemental. For the Trogg Wariors upgrade Cannons to 4 lvl and upgrade beacons and upgrade Some Archers to 2 lvl.
  • Hard Strategy please use the tornado skill and beacon skill (cannon left [spider attack]), when later wave bouncing assasins skill and fire bombs. Good Idea use durin atomika to stun enemies, when enemies stuned 4 level cannon do well. Barracks is not recommended, better use ice elemental, unless the not goods don't use elemental. Robin with good damage is good idea. When is be problem is with trogglops, don't use snipers. Durin can use rocketeer skill to make jotta-damage. Thanks you for the attention.

Waves Edit

Easy Edit

Heroic Edit

[1]LEFT CORRIDOR:Mud Golem x11, Trogg Scouts x27, Trogg Oracle x11

MIDDLE CORRIDOR:Troggs x30, Giant Crocs x12, Troggs Scouts x70,

Mud Golem x11

RIGHT CORRIDOR:Mud Golem x11, Trogg Scouts x25, Trogg Oracle x8, Trogg Warrior x30

Hard Edit

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