Deep Sea Giant Tortoises Edit

Deep sea giant turtoise
These seemingly harmless tortoises can strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.
Hit Points Damage Armor Lives
110500 1275-2125 Armor-magic Medium 5
Speed Range Air Goods
Slow Melee No 45
Extra Health

Mermaid Summoner

Monster's Den Edit

WildMonster 143065 1 l6s7r7

Deep Sea Giant Tortoises is an enemy in Deep Sea. It's also the Deep Sea Giant Tortoises in Monster's Den and unlocked after defeating Flying Fish Horsemen and needed to unlock Sea Horse Soldiers.

Level BP Soldiers Drop
74 814000 148000 35% Madantium

20% Rock Block
15% Magic Hammer
35% Lv.60 Low-quality Gear Chest
10% Elemental Contract

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