Defender Outfit is one of Heroes' Outfits Types. It costs 30 Defender Outfit Pieces to make one.

Strengthening Edit

It's possible to upgrade outfits with Modern Outfit Essence. Check that page for details.

Looks Edit

For each Hero the Outfit has a different look. Since there are four Heroes, there are four different looks:

  • Announcer Outfit (Vord):
  • Shooter Outfit (Robin): The Kingdom's Defending Shooter shoots with unfailing accuracy. With him around, all of the Defenders will relax.
    Screenshot 13-1464076215
  • Detective Outfit (Korina):
  • Blaster Outfit (Durin): Boom! Clearing obstacles for you, the Blaster who has been tested by death countless times, has a tenacious determination and super strong blasting skills. BlasterOutfit

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