Desert's Grave Edit

Toll Desert's Grave

Those that enter Desert's Grave rarely ever live to tell the storyA desert dry and hot as a burnt coal, don't expect life to get any easier.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/13/2700 710/150 Quality Fairy Wood 4% 40 4/1
Heroic 20/10/3100 710/190 Quality Fairy Wood 5.5%

Pure Air Essence 4%

42 4.2/1.2
Hard 20/14/3000 710/250 Quality Fairy Wood 6.5%

Pure Air Essence 5% Notch Rock 35%

43 4.3/1.3

Strategy Edit

Waves Edit

All spawn directions left, left (grave), top-left and top-right have 2 groups of spawning, but it is difficult to identify each one. Place cursor near edges to identify each.

Left / middle / right way, in parentheses, referrers to which direction a spawn group will take in the 2-islands section of the map.

Easy Edit

Wave 1

  • Left: None
  • Left (grave): Mummy x4
  • Top-left: Cactaren x10 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Anubian x8 (goes ? way)

Wave 2

  • Left: None
  • Left (grave): None
  • Top-left: Vulture x6
  • Top-right: Vulture x6 (goes into middle way), Skorpio x6 (goes ? way)

Wave 3

  • Left: Vulture x8
  • Left (grave): Anubian x8
  • Top-left: Mummy x4 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Advisor of Hell x5 (goes ? way)

Wave 4

  • Left: None
  • Left (grave): Advisor of Hell x5
  • Top-left: Vulture x8 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Vulture x6 (goes ? way), Vulture x6 (goes ? way)

Wave 5

  • Left: Skorpio x6
  • Left (grave): Necromancer x5
  • Top-left: Skorpio x4 (goes ? way), Skorpio x4 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Vulture x8 (goes right way)

Wave 6

  • Left: None
  • Left (grave): Desert Coyotes x6
  • Top-left: Mummy x4 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Necromancer x5 (goes ? way), Desert Coyotes x8 (goes ? way)

Wave 7

  • Left: None
  • Left (grave): Necromancer x6
  • Top-left: Mummy x5 (goes ? way), Skorpio x6 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: None

Wave 8

  • Left: Skorpio x6
  • Left (grave): Vulture x8
  • Top-left: Necromancer x6 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Skorpio x6 (goes ? way), Giant Scorpion x6 (goes ? way)

Despite tooltips Vulture x6 comes out

Wave 9

Needs confirmation. A surprising amount of enemies comes out this wave.

  • Left: Anubian x10, Mummy x6
  • Left (grave): Advisor of Hell x8
  • Top-left: Advisor of Hell x6 + Desert Coyotes x8 (goes ? way), Vulture x8 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Mummy x6 (goes ? way), Skorpio x6 (goes ? way)

Wave 10

  • Left: Skorpio x6
  • Left (grave): Skorpio x6
  • Top-left: Desert Coyotes x6 (goes ? way), Desert Coyotes x6 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Advisor of Hell x8 (goes ? way), Anubian x8 (goes ? way)

Despite tooltips an additional Anubian x4 comes out Wave 11

  • Left: None
  • Left (grave): Vulture x8 + Anubian x12 (goes ? way)
  • Top-left: Necromancer x8 + Mummy x6 (goes ? way)
  • Top-right: Giant Scorpion x6

Despite tooltip Desert Coyotes x10, Mummy x6 comes out Wave 12

  • Left: Desert Coyotes x10
  • Left (grave): Vulture x8
  • Top-left: Giant Scorpion x6 (goes ? way)

Despite tooltip Vulture x8 comes out

  • Top-right: Mummy x8 (goes ? way), Desert Coyotes x10 (goes ? way)

Despite tooltips Giant Scorpion x6 comes out Wave 13

  • Left: Giant Scorpion x10

Despite tooltips Advisor of Hell x8 comes out

  • Left (grave): Anubian x10
  • Top-left: Anubian x10 (goes ? way), Mummy x6 (goes ? way)

Despite tooltips Dragon Immortalis x1 comes out

  • Top-right: Skorpio x6 (goes ? way), Skorpio x8 (goes ? way)

Heroic Edit

Hard Edit

Wave 14: Dragon Immortalis

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