Destruction Captain Edit

Destruction Captain info
The evil orcs have summoned the captain of hell to the surface in an attempt to hinder our attackKnown as the Captain of Destruction, he is the one leading the attack through the portal into our world.
Hit Points Damage Armor Lives
454000 15660-16670 Armor-physical Medium 20
Speed Range Air Goods
Slow Melee No 158
Infernal Curse, Fiery Rain, Demon Caller

Destruction Captain is a character that plays an important role in Lava Plains. He was responsible for cursing King Jain Lantafik to aging after being destroyed with Heart of Winter's Essence after winning Scorched Waste.

He was the Hell Captain that summoned by evil orcs in order to hinder our attack. He leads the attack through the portal into our world.

Abilities: Summon portals to send Fiery Canine, Lil Demon and Cerberusia to fight. Call Meteors to stun towers. It can be cancelled by clicking into a tower. Cast an invisibility aura to defend allies with no damage but the Destruction Captain himself take double damage.

He gives 158 goods on kill.

Gallery Edit

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