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Disassembling an equipment returns to you some or all of the gold and resources you used to enhance it. It is done from the Hall of Heroes (enhance screen) although you can also do it from the Inventory: when you click on an enhanced piece of equipment, you will get a link to sell it or disassemble it. Do the latter!

Disassembling comes in two flavors:

  • Low grade: You pay 100 gold and you receive 60% of all gold and resources used to upgrade the item. VIP level 3 increases it to 80%
  • High grade: You need Essence Solvent, an item that can be won from the Reward Center once a month (accumulate 28 sign-ins) or bought for 100 diamonds. You'll get nearly all of the resources (Gold and Grindstones) back, all except the last Enhancement.

Equipment Edit

Starting from patch-version you can also get Stones or Moonstones from disassembling.

The data in this table is yet incomplete, but the numbers stated here are correct.

Equipment Disassemble
Gear rarity

Amount of Stones/Moonstones

Normal disassemble

Amount of Stones/Moonstones

Solvent disassemble

Common (need Hero level 1-50) 1/0 3/0
Common (need Hero level 60) 2/0 4/0
Special (need Hero level 1-50) 2/0 3/0
Special (need Hero level 60) 3/0
Elite (need Hero level 1-30) 3/1(5%)*
Elite (need Hero level 40-60) 4/1(5%)* 6/2
Wicked (need Hero level 1-50) 6/2 20/5
Wicked (need Hero level 60) 30/5
Wicked (need Hero level 70)
Wicked (need Hero level 80)
Wicket & part of Set (Hero level 1-50) ?/5 15/10



Poseidon 10/10 25/20
Legendary Item (orange) 10/10 25/20
Slaughtering (need Hero level 10 - 50)
Slaughtering (need Hero level 60) 40/20
Outfit of the Brave (need Hero level 10 - 50) 25/10
Outfit of the Brave (need Hero level 60) 30/10
Outfit of the Brave (need Hero level 70)
Outfit of the Brave (need Hero level 80)

**Note: Apparently somebody received an email from Shinezone indicating that the stones/MS drops for some equipments when using solvent aren't set numbers, but may depend on luck slightly.

Disassemble CalculatorEdit

Disassemble Type:
Level: PlaceHolder
Total Return: PlaceHolder
Note: because stones and moonstones drop-rates are variable throughout different sorts of equipment of the same type, they are not incorporated in this calculator.

Note: Slaughtering's type is 'wicked' (but has orange base-stats).

Outfits Edit

Not only normal equipment can be disassembled, also outfits (called Fashion equipments). If you do this, there will be no Outfit pieces returned to you, only Modern Outfit Essences.

Modern Outfit Disassemble
Outfit level Regular Disassemble Solvent Disassemble
- 60% 80% -
0 18 24 30
1 24 32 40
2 42 56 70
3 72 96 120
4 114 152 190
5 168 224 280
6 234 312 390
7 312 416 520
8 402 536 670
9 504 672 840
10 618 824 1030

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