Dragon Immortalis Edit

Dragon Immortalis
In an attempt to conquer the world, a necromancer reassembled a dragon's skeleton and brought it back to life. The dragon however would take orders for no one and has been roaming, wrecking havoc in his wake.
Hit Points Damage Armor Lives
600000 8330-11670 Armor-physical No Armor 20
Speed Range Air Goods
Slow Melee No 137
Dark Wind

Immortal Infectious Bite

Dragon Immortalis is a boss in The Desert. It's a skeletal dragon with immortal ability. It makes its first appearance as Desert Shadow and appears as a boss in Calamityville.

It gives 158 goods on kill.

Abilities Edit

  1. Summons black tornadoes to disrupt towers on its path. Can't be canceled by clicking. It is also not very menacing.
  2. The boss performs a shouting animation. This will put an extra 10 seconds cooldown on all of your magic skills.
  3. Once defeated, he will come back alive five times, each time with much less health than before. Click as fast as you can to stop him from coming back to life.

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