Durin Atomika is one of the game's heroes. He can be recruited in the tavern. He first appears in Lava Plains.

Due to the large number of hearts required (15), he will likely be the last hero you acquire. See Honor Star for details.

His skills lie in explosives and has proven his abilities on the battlefield.


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Hero Durin Atomika portrait Hero Explosive Expert portrait Hero Slugger portrait Hero 180018 11 3p0qoqi Hero 180022 11 3vuekrd
Durin Atomika
C Rank
Basic BP: 1500
Explosive Expert
C+ Rank
Basic BP: 4500
B Rank
Basic BP: 10500
B+ Rank

Basic BP: 18000

Armory Master
A Rank

Basic BP: 32000

  • Durin Atomika is an avid explosive lover. He can attack groups on enemy at once instead of single targets.
  • (C) Captured as a teenager in the early goblin wars, Durin Atomika surrendered to the Invictus Alliance and has sworn his service to the army.
  • (C+) The Explosive Expert's favorite weapon of choice is dynamite against packs of enemies. He is an agent of chaos.
  • (B) After joining the Royal Cannon Brigade, he seems to have calmed down a little. He is now the Kingdom's chief cannoner trainer who loves to show off what he knows
  • (B+)
  • (A)
  • Class: AOE Expert
  • Specialties: Area of attack damage, Contains enemies Highly effective in taking out groups of enemies at once.

The main source of the Explosive Expert Soul Shards to upgrade Durin's Rank are the reward of the Blitz Acres wave 60 and the Supply Station, if you send 8 or more each day, otherwise it's the Mystery Reward from Daily Check. See Rank for details and strategy.


Hero Rank Life Strength Intelligence Agility
C 3825 325-425 786.25 95
+60/lv +6-8/lv +12/lv +1/lv
C+ 4590 390-510 943.5 114
+72/lv +5-9/lv +15/lv +2/lv
B 7650 650-850 1572.5 190
+90/lv +9-12/lv +18/lv +1.5/lv
B+ 9555 815-1065 1965 237.5
+120/lv +12-16/lv +24/lv +2/lv
A 15300 1300-1700 3145 381
+150/lv +15-20/lv +30/lv +3/lv

Augment Limit

Hero Rank Life Strength Intelligence Agility
C +120/lv +8/lv +24/lv +2/lv
C+ +144/lv +10/lv +28/lv +4/lv
B +180/lv +12/lv +36/lv +4/lv
B+ +240/lv +16/lv +48/lv +6/lv
A +360/lv +24/lv +72/lv +6/lv


"Quality" is increased with Rank. The five levels shown (Basic, Ace, Master, Epic, Divine) correspond to ranks C, C+, B, B+, A

Table collapsed for space
Quality Basic Effect(Lv1) Growth Effect
Artisan - Slightly increases all damage of all towers in a radius around hero. Range 125.

HeroSkill ArtisanBasic Artisan

+3% Tower damage +3%/lv

HeroSkill ArtisanAce Artisan

+5% Tower damage +4%/lv

HeroSkill ArtisanMaster Artisan

+8% Tower damage +5%/lv
HeroSkill ArtisanEpic Artisan +10% Tower damage +7%/lv
HeroSkill ArtisanDivine Artisan +12% Tower damage +10%/lv

Stunner Bomb - A bomb that will stun and damage enemies but will the wielding hero. Stun 3 seconds, CD 35 seconds

HeroSkill Basic Stunner BombBasic Stunner Bomb

deal 1500-2500 damage +800/lv

HeroSkill Ace Stunner BombAce Stunner Bomb

deal 2500-3500 damage +1200/lv

HeroSkill Master Stunner BombMaster Stunner Bomb

deal 3500-5000 damage +1500/lv
HeroSkill Master Stunner BombEpic Stunner Bomb deal 5000-7000 damage +2500/lv
HeroSkill Master Stunner BombDivine Stunner Bomb deal 8000-10000 damage +4000/lv

Meditator - Greatly decreases hero ability cooldowns.

HeroSkill MeditatorBasic Meditator

Skill cooldowns reduced 3% +3%/lv

HeroSkill MeditatorAce Meditator

Skill cooldowns reduced 5% +4%/lv

HeroSkill MeditatorMaster Meditator

Skill cooldowns reduced 10% +5%/lv
HeroSkill MeditatorEpic Meditator Skill cooldowns reduced 12% +6%/lv
HeroSkill MeditatorDivine Meditator Skill cooldowns reduced 15% +7%/lv

Rocketeer - When in danger of dying, hero will rocket out of the situation dealing a blast to the surrounding area. CD 60 seconds (Enemies killed by this always get 17% more goods)

HeroSkill Basic RocketeerBasic Rocketeer

deal 3000% base Durin's damage +1500%/lv

HeroSkill Ace RocketeerAce Rocketeer

deal 5000% base Durin's damage +2000%/lv

HeroSkill Master RocketeerMaster Rocketeer

deal 7500% base Durin's damage +2500%/lv
HeroSkill Master RocketeerEpic Rocketeer deal 9000% base Durin's damage +4500%/lv
HeroSkill Master RocketeerDivine Rocketeer deal 12000% base Durin's damage +6000%/lv

Nerve Severer - Weapon has a chance to deal paralyzing hits.(Stunning effect is an electrical symbol)

HeroSkill Nerve SevererBasic Nerve Severer

10% chance to stun for 1.5 sec. +3%/lv

HeroSkill Nerve SevererAce Nerve Severer

15% chance to stun for 1.5 sec. +4%/lv

HeroSkill Nerve SevererMaster Nerve Severer

25% chance to stun for 1.5 sec. +5%/lv
HeroSkill Nerve SevererEpic Nerve Severer 30% chance to stun for 1.5 sec. +7%/lv
HeroSkill Nerve SevererDivine Nerve Severer 35% chance to stun for 1.5 sec. +8%/lv


Table collapsed for space
Tier 1 - 5 Dark Soul Crystals and 5000 Honor, BP 300
Talent Midnight PowderMidnight Powder

Special gunpowder used to increase explosion radius:increases area of effect damage radius.

Radius +30

Talent IgnitionIgnition Using flammable liquid, Durin is able to light up enemies on the battlefield:attack ignites target to burn and take 1% physical damage of their max HP for 5 seconds.
Talent Weapons UpgradeWeapons Upgrade Increased weapon parts allow Durin Atomika to increase his attack range:weapon upgrades allow increased +100 range. Artisan skill radius +100
Tier 2 - 10 Dark Soul Crystals and 10000 Honor, BP 800
Talent Tiny DominationTiny Domination

Increased shrapnel causes attacks to be more effective against smaller enemies:50% increased damage to smaller enemy units.

Learn Midnight Powder first

Talent AtomitavAtomitav

A cocktail of flammable liquid used to light fires underneath enemies:attack ignites the ground damaging enemies who walk over it. Allow Ignition to burn enemies in an area.

Learn Ignition first

Tier 3 - 15 Dark Soul Crystals and 15000 Honor, BP 1600
Talent Weapons ExpertWeapons Expert

Durin uses his equipment bonuses to the fullest:attack bonuses from armor increased 10%.

Gain 10% strength from Durin equipped weapon

Learn Tiny Domination + Atomitav first

Talent SmithySmithy

Increase 50% skill effect for the artisan.

Learn Weapons Upgrade first

Ex: Level 5 artisan + smithy gives boost -> (3% + 3% * 4) * 150% = 22%

Tier 4 - 20 Dark Soul Crystals and 20000 Honor, BP 3000
Talent Deadly ExplosionDeadly Explosion

Heavier ammunition to increase the chances of stunning an enemy:grants normal attack a 40% chance to stun enemies.

Learn Weapons Expert + Smithy first