Enemies Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia about enemies and towers in Azylon (reference of Azeroth of Warcraft). Uses for references only.

Enemies Edit

Grasslands Edit

The Tundra Edit

Lava Plains Edit

The Desert Edit

Marshlands Edit

Oblivion's Cave Edit

Deep Sea Edit

Mech Warship Edit

Towers Edit

Tips Edit

  1. Mage Towers deal armor-piercing damage effective against armored enemies such as Orcs.
  2. Barracks deploy soldiers to hinder enemy movement and is especially effective against fast enemies.
    Screenshot 29-1463046366
  3. Soldiers lack attack power but can be tactically used to give other towers more time to engage with enemies.
    Tower Tactics
  4. Arrow towers have a high attack speed and can attack flying enemies.
    Arrow Tower tips


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