This is a type of enemies. Fliers are enemies that cannot be staggered because they bypass barracks and heroes. Some of them have powerful attacks and heavy armor. A big group of them will pose the biggest threat in Hard Mode.

They can only be affected by heroes' ranged attacks, Arrow Towers, Mage Towers, Bombadiers (T3 Cannoner towers) with the Tracker Shot ability and Dragooners (T3 Cannoner towers) with Dragon's Anger ability, Gladiators (Tier 3 Barracks) with Pike ability, Militia of max level (Immortals) which have the same ability, Hall of Divinity (Tier 3 barracks) also target fliers with their default ranged magic attack, and magic skills (Static, Hail).

Fliers can force you to alter your battle plans considerably, specially if you rely heavily on Cannons.

If a battle contains enemy fliers, it will be shown on the battle screen before entering the level.

List of Fliers

  • Blood Wyvern
  • Frost Avaitor
  • Crystal Phoenix
  • Blood Bat
  • Smoker
  • Phoenix of Fire
  • Vulture
  • Poison Moth
  • Mothzilla
  • Blood Suckers
  • Impalers
  • The Unbodied
  • Flying FIsh Horsemen
  • Sea Horse Soldiers
  • Flaming Arrow Knights
  • Airborne Barracks