Glory and Revenge is an Event that occurs from time to time. It is accessed from the Event Center.

There are two groups by Kingdom level: Silver (lv14-35) and Golden (lv36-100). The Event has two parts: Glorious Battle and Revenge Battle. You will gain access to Revenge Battle after you complete Glorious Battle. Invigorate is an item needed in this Event.

F2P. Diamonds are king here. Without Diamonds you don't get Regeneration, so unless you can beat your opponent with just a few soldiers lost you are not going to get to the top Rank. So what? Most people are F2P. If you play Fighting Pits diligently and save your Invigorates you can still make a lot of your enemies cry! Also, there is this free Gold for just signing up, and Gold and Honor for just playing in 1 battle.

P2P. Diamonds play a huge role in this Event. Judicious purchase of Invigorates and Regeneration will bring your ranking way up. Use them wisely. Infinite ambition is infinitely expensive. There is nothing in this Event that you can't get somewhere cheaper.

Dates Edit

  • 11th May to 17th May 2015
  • 13th July to 19th July 2015
  • 14th September to 20th September 2015
  • 5th November to 16th November 2017
  • 8th January to 18th January 2018
  • 12th March to 23rd March 2018

Registration Edit

You must register to get access to this event. You will earn 200 Gold for each registration. Registration runs until the first battle starts at 21:00 server time.

Mechanics Edit

After registering you will be automatically entered in the sparring matches which take place between 21:00 and 23:00 server time every day. These matches are divided into two kinds, Glorious Battles and Revenge Battles. In the entire seven day Event there are three days of Glorious Battles, three days of Revenge Battles and one day of Peace Time for picking up the Rewards. Any Rewards not picked up on the Peace Day are forefeit.

Glorious Battle Edit

Glory and Revenge Army
These battles are fought on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Using invigorate here, will result in a 10% BP boost per used invigorate, up to a maximum of 50% (so 5 invigorates). You can purchase additional Invigorates for 10 Diamonds each from the Army screen.

You start the battle with your full BP + Invigorate boost and your full number of soldiers. After each fight you will lose some soldiers and advancing in the rankings will become harder because soldiers do not replenish without you spending Diamonds. You can purchase regeneration cycles from the Army screen for 20 Diamonds each. For example:

  1. In your first fight you have 200k BP and 50k soldiers.
  2. You fight and win, losing 15k soldiers.
  3. Without regeneraion in your second fight you will have the same BP, but only 35k soldiers.

Keep in mind this is only an explanatory example.

You can arrange your four types of soldiers from the Army screen jut like in Fighting Pits. This soldier arrangment is independent from any other arrangment in your game. Notice that most players do not read this Wiki and do not change their soldiers from the standard order of Warriors, Archers, Mages, and Cannoners. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

The more fights you win, the better your Killing Rewards rewards will be. The more soldiers you manage to preserve after the last battle the better your Rank Rewards will be.

Revenge Battle Edit

These battles are fought on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Here you can use Invigorate again (still a maximum of 5). However, in Revenge Battles you'll have an additional battle power boost from your Glorious Battles. The "Audacity" boost is added to your total. You can gain Audacity by eliminating people in the Glorious fights. Each Glorious win increases 5% battle power in Revenge up to a max Lv.10 (50% BP additional increase).

Audacity and Invigorate boosts are reset after every fight. You will have to use Invigorates again, but Audacity boosts are added automatically.

Regeneration Edit

In both Glory and Revenge modes you can spend 20 Diamonds to get an extra Double Lifer. More details needed.

Peace Time Edit

When all six battles are completed there will be Peace Time on the seventh day before the event ends. All Rewards must be picked up by the end of Peace Time.

Event Screen Edit

Glory and Revenge Golden Main 2015-09-14

Title Panel Edit

Group Panel Edit

Silver and Gold

Army Edit

Deploy soldiers

Rank Edit

Glorious Battle Panel Edit

Revenge Battle Panel Edit

Rewards Edit

There are two kinds of rewards given out by this event

  1. Rewards based on how many people you eliminated (kill count).
  2. Rewards based on your rank (first, how many soldiers are left after the fights and second, by battle power).

Killing Reward Edit

Silver Group Edit

Kill Count Rewards
0 200 Gold, 40 Honor
1-2 150 Gold, 30 Honor
3 400 Gold, 80 Honor
4 450 Gold, 90 Honor
5 500 Gold, 100 Honor
6 550 Gold, 110 Honor
7 600 Gold, 120 Honor
8 800 Gold, 160 Honor
9 850 Gold, 170 Honor
10 900 Gold, 180 Honor
11 1000 Gold, 200 Honor
12 1200 Gold, 240 Honor

Golden Group Edit

Kill Count Rewards Kill Count Rewards
0 300 Gold, 60 Honor 7 900 Gold, 180 Honor
1-2 225 Gold, 45 Honor 8 1200 Gold, 240 Honor
3 600 Gold, 120 Honor 9 1275 Gold, 255 Honor
4 675 Gold, 135 Honor 10 1350 Gold, 270 Honor
5 750 Gold, 150 Honor 11 1500 Gold, 300 Honor
6 825 Gold, 165 Honor 12 1800 Gold, 360 Honor


Rank Reward Edit

Rank The Division
Silver Group Golden Group
1 2000 Gold, 5 Heroic Medal, 3 Grindstone 3000 Gold, 5 Heroic Medal, 3 Grindstone
2 1500 Gold, 4 Heroic Medal, 2 Grindstone 2250 Gold, 4 Heroic Medal, 2 Grindstone
3 1000 Gold, 3 Heroic Medal, 1 Grindstone 1500 Gold, 3 Heroic Medal, 1 Grindstone
4 800 Gold, 2 Heroic Medal 1200 Gold, 2 Heroic Medal
5 600 Gold, 1 Heroic Medal 900 Gold, 1 Heroic Medal
6-8 500 Gold 750 Gold
9-10 300 Gold 450 Gold
11+ 200 Gold 300 Gold

Battle Rules Screen Edit

Glory and Revenge Rules

System Compensation Edit

Screenshot 29-3