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Goblin Target is an event. You use Bows and Arrows to try some Roulette by using Metal. Metal is obtained through Boss Clash, Fighting Pits and killing Treasure Hunters (limited to 5)

You have a chance to get Modern Outfits and Bow Necklace.

There is apparently no difference from using 1 or 10 Gold/Silver Bow(s) at once, meaning you cannot use 10 bows to increase your chance for the 16 roulette slots. Each "lottery go" has a 1/16 chance of any roulette number. Using 10 "lottery go's" does not increase the chance with 2nd go for 1/15 chance and so forth.
This can make you wonder why there are two lottery go buttons.

Items Edit

Lucky Roulette Number Lucky Silver Bow Lucky Gold Bow
1 500x Gold 2500x Gold
2 500x Honor 2500x Honor
3 3x Tear of Shiva 5x Fairy Wood
4 1x Rainbow Ore

1x Fairy Wood

5x Rainbow Ore
5 1x Earth Essence

1x Air Essence

2x Madantium
6 1x Black Iron Ore

1x Red Pine

1x Thick Hide

2x Rock Block
7 1x Rainbow Ore

1x Fairy Wood

1x Black Gold

1x Magic Hammer
8 1x Earth Essence

1x Air Essence

1x Water Essence

4x Heroic Medal
9 1x Notch Rock 4x Grindstone
10 1x Elemental Contract 2x Upgrade Tome
11 1x Burger 5x Defender Outfit Piece
12 1x Upgrade Tome 2x Dark Soul Crystal
13 1x Dark Soul Crystal 1x Potent Bomb
14 1x Defender Outfit Piece 1x Hero Upgrade Chest
15 1x Modern Chest 1x Modern Chest
16 1x Bow Necklace 1x Bow Necklace*

*Knight's Promise: If you get the Lucky Gold Bow Roulette 180 times, you will get a Bow Necklace.

Knight Sets Edit

Lv Knight Medal (each one)
20 80
40 220
60 450

Items Exchange Edit

Items Knight Medal
Rainbow Ore, Fairy Wood, Black Gold, Earth Essence, Air Essence, Water Essence 1
Notch Rock 3
Elemental Contract 6

Gallery Edit

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Screenshot 12-1433600466
Screenshot 9-1433600466
Screenshot 10-1433600466
Screenshot 11-1433600466

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