Magic Skill Hail Magic Skill Blizzard Magic Skill Ice Tempest

Hail is one of the three magic skills that can be used in battle. It appears in Circa Lake.

It rains ice over an area during 4 seconds, dealing Area of Effect damage to all enemies on it. The skill has a cooldown of 50 seconds, and while it will affect many enemies at once, it won't do much harm to the most powerful enemies.

Hotkey: D

It is upgraded at the Magic Ward. See Magic Ward#Hail for details.

  • Blizzard: Deals damage, slows enemies.
  • Ice Tempest: Deals damage, slows enemies, has a chance to freeze them (deal 1% damage for 5 seconds).


  • Flying: + 1800 Attack/lv
  • Hail of Bullets: + 5 range/lv
  • Earth Shatter: + 0.1 second last time/lv (only works for the first casting)