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Hard wood is an item used to upgrade Camp Tents every 30 level in Rural Camp. You'll need 10 to research at level 30, 20 at level 60 and 30 at level 90.

Commonly thought of as the rarest resource.

Where to find Edit

  • It's obtained through Salt Flats and Ancestral Battleground with 3% or 25% chance (using Treasure Map) in Mysterious Island. When searching these areas, you will either get 1 Hard wood or the normal reward. Assistance from other players does not increase the amount of Hard wood you will find, however you will still get the 1 reward bonus from other players assisting your search.

You cannot find Hard wood while doing a search assist.

Strategy Edit

Continuously find it in Salt Flats and Ancestral Battleground, you can find at least one.