Heart of Winter Edit

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The Heart of Winter goes by no other name and is the ruler of the TundraRecently poisoned and now under the influence of an orcish, dark power, he is the reason why all humans and creatures of the tundra have all gone mad.
Hit Points Damage Armor Lives
250000 14000-20000 Armor-physical No Armor 20
Speed Range Air Goods
Slow Both No 186
Winter Storm, Ice Fission, Ice Shield

Heart of Winter is a character in The Tundra. He was corrupted by the demons and freed from their enchantments. However, he felt weaker and weaker so he melted himself into an ice crystal to make an use to destroy the Destruction Captain. He first appears in Storm Hold.

Ability: Call Winter Storm to reduce tower's fire rate. Cast Ice Shield to defend itself from damage. Transform itself into 6 Winter Dopplegangers as decoys. Attacks with AOE Blast and Ice Shard.

He gives 186 goods on kill.