HonorStarHonor Stars are one of the game's resources.

Not to be confused with Star.

How to get

Honor Stars are obtained through the

You can count on getting 1000-2000 Honor Stars each day, or even more, if you maximize all daily sources. This depends on your luck and preparedness, since rewards on PVP battles are much higher if you win them.

Many events, and particularly the Battle of Kings offer great amounts of extra Honor Stars


  • Buy hearts for new heroes (5000 honor stars for each heart). Mostly the only way to get Durin Atomika, and very probably a good part of getting Korina Chantress, since the odds of getting their cards in the tavern are very low. See Tavern for details.
  • Hall of Heroes
    • Improve heroes talents (this needs also Dark Soul Crystals)
      • 2000 Honor Stars for Tier 1 talents
      • 5000 Honor Stars for Tier 1/2 talents
      • 10000 Honor Stars for Tier 2/3 talents
      • 15000 Honor Stars for Tier 3/4 talents
      • 20000 Honor Stars for Tier 4 talents
    • Upgrade heroes' rank
      • 25000 Honor for C+ Rank
      • 37500 Honor for B Rank
      • 50000 Honor for B+ Rank
      • 100000 Honor for A Rank

Strategy for Earning Honor Stars

Small amount of Honor Stars can be earned daily for free or better. Larger amounts can be earned by losing soldiers/sailors in battles (except Fighting Pits and some battles in Crown Port).

Get Honor Stars and get paid

After battles in Fighting Pits the winning player gets 50-75 Honor Stars along with 300 Gold, and the losing player gets 16 Honor Stars and 100 Gold. Both players have 10% chance of getting Invigorate.

After catching a new prisoner in a Prison battle the first ransom is nearly risk free. For his effort the jailer gets 50 Honor Stars, 50 Gold, a 50% chance for a Tear of Shiva, and a 5% chance for a Grindstone. The stars gained from battles themselves are not free (see below).

Holding a prisoner is very risky, so the remaining two ransoms can be very expensive.

Scoring high in daily Blitz Acres battles returns Honor Stars in addition to Gold and Shard Chests. See Blitz Acres for details.

Get free Honor Stars

Chests 2 and 4 in Daily Tasks give 100 and 200 Honor Stars, respectively. Also, in battles where no soldiers were lost (like in Prison capturing a player without a defensive army or in some Mysterious Island Bandit Encounters) 5 Honor Stars are gained.

Get Honor Stars in exchange for upgrades and Items

During some events (e.g. Dark Trade) Honor Stars are given in exchange for upgrades (Magic Skills, Equipments, Tower Technology, Crown Port Technology) or in exchange for Equipments. The upgrade deal is great since it pays Honor Stars for necessary activities. Equipment has other uses, so the exchange is not that great.

Get Honor Stars for Gold

When exploring areas in Crown Port occasionally the exploration returns 2 Tear of Shiva and either 50 or 100 Honor Stars. To figure out the cost of the Honor Stars earned this way consider the cost of a single exploration in a typical three-exploration run:

Barbarossa Sea: (1x0 Gold + 2x200 Gold)/3 = 400 Gold /3 = 133 Gold

Blue Coast: (1x0 Gold + 2x400 gold)/3 = 800 Gold /3 = 267 Gold

Since plundering happens close to 100% of the time the explored 2 Tear of Shiva and either 50 or 100 Honor Stars are reduced to 1 Tear of Shiva and either 25 or 50 Honor Stars. The value of one Tear of Shiva is a constant 100 Gold, so the cost of Hero Stars is:

Barbarossa Sea: (133 - 100)/25 = 1.32 Gold/Star

Blue Coast: (267 - 100)/50 = 3.34 Gold/Star

Get Honor Stars for Soldiers/Sailors lost in battle

When no soldiers are lost in a battle the minimum number of earned Honor Stars is 5. As the number of lost soldiers goes up so does the number of earned Honor Stars. However, the higher the number of earned Honor Stars the steeper the price.

It seems that the maximum number of Honor Stars earned in a battle is about 40 for 30,000 or more lost soldiers. Since the average cost of recruiting soldiers is 35.3 Gold per 1000 soldiers both in Barracks and in Crown Port the Gold price per Honor Star is 26.5 Gold an up.

The intermediate soldier losses give the number of Honor Stars in the table below. The game assigns some value to the BP of the fallen soldiers, so there may be ±15% variability in the actual number of Stars given out.

Lost soldiersHonor StarsGold per Honor Star

Honor Stars are cheap when soldier losses are small (below 1000). They are 10x more expensive when soldier losses are high (30,000 and up).

Strategy for Using Honor Stars

Don't spend anything on Boss Battle

Unless you are realistically going to rank (and you're most surely not) it gives you no tangible benefit. Save it. If you cannot hold it, it's better if you don't even go there.

First, Ignore Castle Upgrades

You should not get the Moderate and High castle tech upgrades while you still need your Honor for heroes, period. Castle Upgrades are just a way to burn gold (and get a little side benefit). Basic upgrades, requiring only gold, will fill that niche nicely. If you find you have excess gold to burn, you are just not getting enough Tear of Shiva in this case. So go get Tears of Shiva if you need to burn gold. That way you will hardly max the Basic Castle Upgrades, this you won't need to use Moderate and High ones until much later in the game.

Second, Ignore Hero Talents

This is a little more complicated. Unfortunately, they require Dark Soul Crystals. Many of them. And while Hero Talents are useful, they are not nearly as useful as tower upgrades at the Engineering Quarter. Or magic research at the Magic Ward. Should you max these (improbable, as you would need 144 Crystals for the towers), and supposing you've already improved your economy with the extra/improved slots at the Manor, Supply Station and Training Grounds, you can start of spending Crystals on Heroes. That is, on Hero Skills. As useful as Talents, but they don't require Honor, and they are cheaper to unlock, (once unlocked you can upgrade them).

Third, Hero Rank

This only applies to Hero level 30+. The advice is: ignore this as well. Yes, you will need huge amounts of Honor to upgrade this. However, you will surely clash with the Dark Soul Crystals prerequisite first. And if you don't, the Soul Shards requirement (see Rank) will stop you. Unless you're buying your diamonds by the thousand, don't bother to consider the Honor you'll spend here. However, place this consideration before Hero Talents, for upgrading the Rank will also upgrade the Talents.

Finally, stockpile

That is, don't spend honor stars, Except to buy Hero Hearts. Once you have them all, you can then worry yourself with other things.

Right on Tavern and Heroes pages. You will want all Hero Stars you can get your hands on for buying Hearts to recruit Heroes. Unless you have thousands of diamonds to spare, of course. But if you are buying such amounts, then you wouldn't be troubling yourself with strategy.

The hero unlock process is:

  • Robin Eagleye: Happily get around one card each day at the tavern, unlock it in a week or so.
  • Korina Chantress: Get a card for her once in a while. Once in a fortnight, if you're lucky. Get tired of this, buy the rest of her hearts with your stockpiled Honor
  • Durin Atomika: Either wait with the patience of Job, or realize that you have to get serious with Honor stockpiling.

So, for the numbers:

  • Robin: Don't waste Honor. If you can't wait for a week or two to get your rewards, this game is just not for you.
  • Korina: She has 12 hearts. Depending on your patience and luck, you may wait for 4 or 8 hearts. Assuming you don't want to wait, that would be 60.000 Honor Stars, which may take a month or even a couple of months (as you're starting your game you don't have access to some sources of Honor).
  • Durin: By this time you should be getting 2000-3000 honor a day. More or less depending on your Poseidon timing, success at the Fighting Pits and luck in the Prison battles. This guy has 15 hearts, so we're looking at 75.000 Honor Stars here. A month as a minimum, give him two.

Once you've unlocked your heroes, you're free to start expending your Honor as you see fit. You should still save them for the Hero Talents and Rank before the Castle upgrades, though.