Here you can see your items.

Inventory has four tabs: Inventory, Equips, Shards and Pockets. Items will be placed at the adequate one automatically. The first three are independent. Pockets is a temporary storage space.

The order is not fixed, nor do you have any option to alter it. If you open the inventory at two different times, your items could be on different slots. This has no mechanical effect, but it can make searching for items a little confusing.



The "misc" section. It contains consumables, resources, jewelry, and assorted items for events.

All items shown here do stack and have a counter telling how many do you have. If you have too many of a certain item, the excess will not use an extra slot, but will go into the Pockets (see below). The stacking limit is different for each item.

It has a maximum* of 120 slots, but at the start of the game only 32 will be unlocked.

Slot # Unlock
1-32 Initial / player start
33-?? Kingdom Level 11
33-63 (Diamonds) 2 diamonds each
64-95 4 diamonds each
96-120 6 diamonds each

* It is possible there are no maximum slot limit, but instead only show you X pages, where X = (round.up)# of unlocked slots / 40 + 1.

Sometimes there is a 20% discount for slots in Christmas Party for VIP 1 or higher players or a 10% discount for VIP 0 players.

Saving space

As you play, 32 slots will probably be too little.

  • Notch Rock: You'll surely have a surplus, but you cannot trust on getting 50+ of them in short notice, so a slot will be permanently occupied.
  • Tear of Shiva. Also used on generous amounts, they share the Notch Rock problems
  • Elemental Contract. Same problem.
  • Dark Soul Crystal: You'll probably have a lonesome one that you cannot use, or a few being stockpiled for a big upgrade.
  • Grindstone and Rock Block that you need to stockpile for the Barracks upgrades
  • After the first month or the first Hero at level 30, probably some of Gold Knight Soul Shard, Warrior Ranger Soul Shard, Legendary Mage Soul Shard and even Explosive Expert Soul Shard. It's not as if they could not be stockpiled, since the minimum amount to use is 10 and require extensive time to get. Up to 4 slots.
  • Resources. 3 types of resources for the towers, plus 3 more for the magic skills. And up to 6 slots for each kind, if you are straddling a line (for example, if you have some towers on 28 but others on 32, you'll need Rainbow Ore for some of them and Quality Rainbow Ore for the other ones). Up to 12 slots in the worst case.
  • Jewels. Jewels will use a slot for each type, for each level. If you are collecting jewels up to level 3 (in preparation of synthesizing Lv 4 ones), you may have up to 12 slots used.
  • Upgrade Tome, that will probably be on odd amounts not allowing to synthesize them, or you could win them when you're not ready to expend them. As for synthesis, they share the problem of the Jewels. Up to 8 slots, though let's say 4 as higher levels are difficult to gain.
  • Battle consumables like Cold Wand, Phoenix Feather, etc. You don't want to use them until you have to, but then, they occupy slots, too. Up to 4 slots.
  • Energy items like Ham, Burger, Apple Pie, and Turkey. Also valuable, though the two first may be consumed with little pain. Up to 4 slots.

The account given would require ~40 slots. Since you may not have all resources, upgrade tomes and jewels all the time, this may not be a problem... were it not for the events items, up to 4 kinds at a single time. You will probably be forced to use some of the lower-grade consumables, just to get by. Synthesize what you can. Sell the event items, even, at least those that may be dependably harvested (like the ones that come from the manor).

The most reliable way to keep your inventory space under control is a good management of jewels. This is because there are, at most, 12 slots used up by resources, but there are up to 32 slots (levels 1 through 8, times 4) that can be used up by these ones. The basic technique is: Don't synthesize higher levels of jewels until you need them. There is no penalty for having 12 Lv 1. Green Jewels stockpiled. Wait until you have 16 of them and you may be able to upgrade a Lv 3 in one go. Also, consider that a jewel of a higher level is worth as much Battle Power as 3 jewels of the lower level. Thus, if you have, say, 2 heroes with Level 3 Green Jewels and 2 Green jewels on the Inventory, you will be better if you un-equip the jewels from the heroes, upgrade the four of them into a Lv 4 Green Jewel and assign it to a single hero. Your battle power will have increased, and you'll have an extra Inventory slot. If you have lower leveled jewels, assign them to the now-empty spot on the second hero, possibly reducing your inventory even more. In short, you cannot avoid having slots used by Lv 1 jewels (The common Jewel Crafter trips will fill them), but you can save a lot on intermediate levels (lv 2, lv 3... it depends on your progress) though judicious use of the forge and the slots of your heroes.

Energy items shortcut

There are some items which, when used, increase your available energy (supposing you are not at the limit). If you use them from the inventory, you must first click them to open menu, then click to "use" (one) or "use all". If you plan to use a few of them at once but not all of them (as it often will be the case with the Ham) it will be quicker if you click the "+" sign near your energy meter (either from the main screen or the world). A screen will open that will allow you to repeatedly "eat" with a single mouse click.


Main article: Equipments

Storage for Helms, Armor, Weapons and Amulets that heroes can use. Items equipped on your heroes are not shown here.

Equipments of the same type do not stack.

There are 40 slots in the first tab, but don't worry. If you accumulate more than that, a second tab will open, with 40 slots more. Since you need at most a few spares (items that your main hero has outgrown, but the lower leveled heroes are still not ready to wear, or you're saving for the heroes not yet unlocked) it's more than enough. If you keep gathering more and more equipment, more tabs will upon up to a maximum of 25 tabs.

For the list of items, see Equipments.


Main article: Forge

Shards are actually pieces of items that can be put together in the armory from Kingdom Level 25 onwards.

There are 40 slots for shards, but they do stack so there's ample room.



Pockets temporally store items for 24 hours when each individual items maximum has been reached in the regular inventory.

Pocket items do not stack, even for items which would regularly do so in their proper tabs. You have at least 4 tabs of 40 pocket slots, possibly more.

For example, Ham (an item which gives you 1 energy) can only go into one slot in the regular inventory, however that slot can hold up to thirty hams. If you accumulate more than this, the extras will go into pockets, where they can sit for up to 24 hours before being lost.

If this happens, a number will appear near your inventory icon letting you know that you have items in your pocket.

You have to move the items to their proper tabs before using them, you cannot use an item straight from the pocket. If you make room in your inventory for those items, you must then go to the pocket and move them to your inventory one at a time (just click on the item in the pocket).