The King of Towers features a lot of items. You can see them all in the Inventory. Some of them are useful consumables, while others are equipment.

Items may often be sold for gold. This, however, is more a way to get rid of unneeded items than a way to get gold. Keep in mind that all items have a use, and they are almost always more useful fulfilling that role than sold. In particular, never sell resources. Your surplus of lower-leveled ones will be less than you need when you start needing the refined versions.

An alternative point of view: The value of each item is only as high as the value of the task it can perform.

  • consider how many items you get each day;
  • consider how many of each item you are going to use each day;
  • consider the cost of storage (each additional Inventory slot is 2 Diamonds);
  • consider the risk of loss in Prison;
  • consider what is holding back your progress today.

Let's look at Notch Rock in Kingdom Level 30. A player can collect about 21 Notch Rock per day from The Tundra. Notch Rocks are used together with Dark Soul Crystals in the ratio of 10:1 to 15:1. Most players at level 30 get 1 DSC every 3 days (or 1/3 DSC every day), so the daily need for Notch Rocks is at most 15 x 1/3 = 5. The remaining 16 Notch Rocks just accumulate.

After building up a stock of about 50 Notch Rock the remainder can be safely sold at 20 Gold a piece or additional 320 Gold per day. This may mean an extra Hero Training every 6 days, an extra Tower upgrade every 2-3 days etc. The effect in PvP battles around the 400th rank is about 5-10 ranks up. When the player gets to rank 300 this means getting 2 DSC every 3 days instead of 1 DSC. Using this approach getting to rank 300 should happen 9-12 days earlier giving extra 3-4 DSCs.

All this for measly 20 Gold for each Notch Rock....

This page lists the items that go on the "Inventory" tab of the Inventory. Check the Equipments and Shards pages for the other tabs.

Items by type

Magic Ward Items

Engineering Quarter Items

Energy Items

Main article: Energy

TD Assist Items

Hero Upgrade Items

Equipments upgrade Items

Main article: Enhance
Main article: Forge

Barracks Items

Main article: Barracks

Several Uses

PVP Items

Mysterious Island Items

Rural Camp Items

Event Items (Events)

Sell Price

Item Sell Price
Rainbow Ore, Fairy Wood, Chests, Battle Items, Essence Solvents 1
Event Items 2
Jewels 10
Dark Soul Crystal, Upgrade Tome, (Barracks, Rural Camp, Items, 20
Any Soul Shards 5000


The rarity of an item describes how hard it is to get an item of this rarity. There are four rarities:

  • Common items: Gray background (max: 9999)
  • Special items: Green background (max: 999)
  • Elite items: Blue background (max: 999)
  • Wicked items: Purple background (max: ?)

Stone have purple background and stack beyond 1000+ Jeahra (talk) 21:36, March 2, 2016 (UTC)

  • Legendary items: Orange background (max: ?)

For resources and other stackable items, the rarity decides the maximum stack amount (see above between brackets)

Full List of Items

This is a list from mined data. It contains Inventory, Equipment and Shards, in no particular order. It may also contain some event items that are no longer available.

You can sort the table by name by clicking in the title.

Item List Data
Fantastical Flower
Fire Tome
Water Tome
Air Tome
Earth Tome
Light Tome
Dark Tome
Dimensional Tome
Tear of Shiva
Phoenix Feather
Small Cache
Big Cache
Energy Totem Piece
Energy Totem
Enchanted Energy Totem
Apple Pie
Chicken Wing
Goblin Mine
Magic Vortex
Shrew Whistle
Goblin Lightning Rod
Work Lasso
Arrow Shower
Dragon Crest
Energy Core
Vulcan Scroll
Winter Scroll
Stormrage Scroll
Holy Scroll
Dimensional Scroll
Seismic Shake Scroll
Pestilence Scroll
Common Goblin Mine
Volatile Goblin Mine
Crazy Shrew Citizen
Crazy Shrew General
Arrow Rain
Poison Arrow Rain
Korina Chantress Card
Durin Atomika Card
Link Shadowstep Card
Robin Eagleye Card
Cold Wand
Potent Bomb
Life Card
Longevity Card
Perfect Gold
Invisibility Charm
Essence Solvent
Invisibility Shield
Silver Chest
Bronze Chest
Gold Chest
Blitz Chest
King's Chest
Level Up Pack
Burger Pack
Notch Rock Pack
Small Cache Pack
Cold Wand Pack
Bomb Pack
Weapon Chest Lv.10
Big Weapon Chest Lv.10
Armor Chest Lv.10
Big Armor Chest Lv.10
Helm Chest Lv.10
Big Helm Chest Lv.10
Amulet Chest Lv.10
Big Amulet Chest Lv.10
Weapon Chest Lv.20
Big Weapon Chest Lv.20
Armor Chest Lv.20
Big Armor Chest Lv.20
Helm Chest Lv.20
Big Helm Chest Lv.20
Amulet Chest Lv.20
Big Amulet Chest Lv.20
Weapon Chest Lv.30
Big Weapon Chest Lv.30
Armor Chest Lv.30
Big Armor Chest Lv.30
Helm Chest Lv.30
Big Helm Chest Lv.30
Amulet Chest Lv.30
Big Amulet Chest Lv.30
Weapon Chest Lv.40
Big Weapon Chest Lv.40
Armor Chest Lv.40
Big Armor Chest Lv.40
Helm Chest Lv.40
Big Helm Chest Lv.40
Amulet Chest Lv.40
Big Amulet Chest Lv.40
Weapon Chest Lv.50
Big Weapon Chest Lv.50
Armor Chest Lv.50
Big Armor Chest Lv.50
Helm Chest Lv.50
Big Helm Chest Lv.50
Amulet Chest Lv.50
Big Amulet Chest Lv.50
Lv.1 Low-quality Gear Chest
Lv.10 Low-quality Gear Chest
Lv.20 Low-quality Gear Chest
Lv.30 Low-quality Gear Chest
Lv.40 Low-quality Gear Chest
Lv.50 Low-quality Gear Chest
Lv.1 High-quality Gear Chest
Lv.10 High-quality Gear Chest
Lv.20 High-quality Gear Chest
Lv.30 High-quality Gear Chest
Lv.40 High-quality Gear Chest
Lv.50 High-quality Gear Chest
Lv.5 Jewel Chest
Lv.1 Jewel Chest
Rainbow Ore Pack
Fairy Wood Pack
Black Gold Pack
Bronze Gear Chest
Silver Gear Chest
Gold Gear Chest
Rare Gear Chest
Legendary Gear Chest
Heroic Medal Pack
Grindstone Pack
Dark Soul Crystal Pack
Hero Upgrade Chest
Small Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.10
Small Rare Equipment Chest Lv.10
Materials Gift Bag
Small Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.20
Small Rare Equipment Chest Lv.20
Small Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.30
Small Rare Equipment Chest Lv.30
Small Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.40
Small Rare Equipment Chest Lv.40
Small Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.50
Small Rare Equipment Chest Lv.50
Small Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.60
Small Rare Equipment Chest Lv.60
Shard Chest
Weapon Shard Chest Lv.20
Helm Shard Chest Lv.20
Armor Shard Chest Lv.20
Amulet Shard Chest Lv.20
Weapon Shard Chest Lv.30
Helm Shard Chest Lv.30
Weapon Shard Chest Lv.40
Helm Shard Chest Lv.40
Special Equipment Chest Lv.20
Special Equipment Chest Lv.30
Special Equipment Chest Lv.40
Beer Pack
Madantium Pack
Mystery Chest
Bravery Chest
Cyclops Chest
Small Ore Pack
Ore Pack
Small Element Pack
Element Pack
Infantry Medal
Steel Shield
Giant Shield
Gladiator Bracers
The Creed
Marksman Medal
Silver Arrowhead
Ancient Timber
Flintlock Rifle
Shadow Scroll
Artillery Medal
Black Gunpowder
Dragon Essence
Enchant Medal
Magic Wand
Magic Crystal
Void Chip
Crystal Ball
Witch Picture
Elemental Contract
Royal Voucher
Battle Scroll
Holy Water
Sacred Candle
Gigantabear Tongue
Orc Eyelashes
Waygate Key
Astral Map
Lavabeast Saliva
Fire Essence
Roc Wings
Air Essence
Shrew Claw
Earth Essence
Ice Maiden Letter
Water Essence
Heroic Medal
Dark Tiger Fang
Dragon Wing
Vital Steel
Black Gold
Lemon Citrine
Rainbow Ore
Fairy Wood
Lee's Hammer
Citrine Lv.1
Citrine Lv.2
Citrine Lv.3
Citrine Lv.4
Citrine Lv.5
Citrine Lv.6
Citrine Lv.7
Citrine Lv.8
Citrine Lv.9
Citrine Lv.10
Citrine Lv.11
Sapphire Lv.1
Sapphire Lv.2
Sapphire Lv.3
Sapphire Lv.4
Sapphire Lv.5
Sapphire Lv.6
Sapphire Lv.7
Sapphire Lv.8
Sapphire Lv.9
Sapphire Lv.10
Sapphire Lv.11
Ruby Lv.1
Ruby Lv.2
Ruby Lv.3
Ruby Lv.4
Ruby Lv.5
Ruby Lv.6
Ruby Lv.7
Ruby Lv.8
Ruby Lv.9
Ruby Lv.10
Ruby Lv.11
Emerald Lv.1
Emerald Lv.2
Emerald Lv.3
Emerald Lv.4
Emerald Lv.5
Emerald Lv.6
Emerald Lv.7
Emerald Lv.8
Emerald Lv.9
Emerald Lv.10
Emerald Lv.11
Dark Soul Crystal
Quality Rainbow Ore
Pure Rainbow Ore
Perfect Rainbow Ore
Quality Fairy Wood
Pure Fairy Wood
Perfect Fairy Wood
Notch Rock
Quality Black Gold
Pure Black Gold
Perfect Black Gold
Pure Earth Essence
Perfect Earth Essence
Magical Earth Essence
Pure Air Essence
Perfect Air Essence
Magical Air Essence
Pure Water Essence
Perfect Water Essence
Magical Water Essence
Rock Block
Magic Hammer
Gold Knight soul shard
Warrior Ranger soul shard
Legendary Mage soul shard
Explosives Expert soul shard
Sand Bag
Wooden Pole
Tactics Book
Solid Stone
Magic Contract
Hegemon's Grasp
Glory Target
Desert Edge
Blood Thirst
Blood Will
Steel Skull
Steel Mask
Dead Guard
Titan's Shoulder
Chest Plate
Legion Flag
Flank Plate
Blood Fragment
Compass Heart
Wind Fragment
Sand Fragment
Gold Hammer
Bone Edge
Wolftooth Barb
Bull-ox Bone
Bloodstain Cloth
Sharp Tooth
Scary Mask
Smelted Magma
Boar Rope
Wolfskin Shoulders
Heart Guard
Bamboo Armor
Wolf Belt
Alpha Wolftooth
Blessed Hemp
Azure Eyes
Shaman Incantation
Military Steel
Patriot Badge
Coarse Cotton
Formation Orders
Pure Steel
Steel Rivet
Kingdom Steelart
Inner Lining
Prime Wing
Optimus Wing
Victory Goddess
Brown Velvet
White Wing
Ice Jade
Magic Dust
Infernal Vine
Spider Poison
Scorpion Stinger
Unground Bone
Hallow's Pumpkin
Demon Claw
Specter Tinder
Plague Poison
Upgrade Tome
Upgrade Tome Level 2
Upgrade Tome Level 3
Upgrade Tome Level 4
Upgrade Tome Level 5
Upgrade Tome Level 6
Upgrade Tome Level 7
Upgrade Tome Level 8
Upgrade Tome Level 9
Upgrade Tome Level 10
M Alliance
Kungfu Tortoises
The Punishers
Dragon Tribe
Life Amp Tome
Armor Amp Tome
Strength Amp Tome
Range Amp Tome
Speed Amp Tome
Artisan Tome
Sergeant Tome
Crafty Tome
Speedy Tome
Phoenix Tome
Vampirisim Tome
Nerve Severer Tome
Elementalist Tome
Fatalist Tome
Double Lifer Tome
Mediator Tome
Block Tome
Thorns Tome
Strongbow Tome
Arrowrail Tome
Arcane Bombardment Tome
Aura of Range Tome
Stunner Bomb Tome
Rocketeer Tome
Key Teeth
Key Blade
Key Bow
Pirate Chest
Scorpion Poison
Lizard Jerky
Full Flask
Honor Wreath
White Rose
Gold Paint
Goddess Vase
Kinchil's Disk - Left
Kinchil's Disk - Right
Kinchil's Disk - Bottom
Mayan Treasure
Cali Gold Card
Cali Silver Card
Cali Bronze Card
Mystery Cash Register
Top Piece
Right Piece
Left Piece
Glory Scepter
Defender Outfit Piece
Anniversary Outfit Piece
Ice Piece
Refined Steel
Silver Brick
Magic Silver Hammer
Magic Book
Rich Iron Ore
Red Beech
Thick Hide
Red Pine
Black Iron Ore
Ice Crystal
Refined Iron Ore
Magic Iron Ore
Persian Nostrum
Blue Fairy
Poseidon's Remmant
Poseidon's Precious Chest
Bravery Chest
Cyclops Chest
Common Shield
Common Medal
Common Boots
Excellent Shield
Excellent Medal
Excellent Boots
Pure Shield
Pure Medal
Pure War Boots
Treasure Map
Hard wood
Gift Box
Gas Lighter
Good Wishes Cake



An example of Items in the Inventory.