Jewel Chest is an chest that contains Jewelry.

Level 1 (Common/Elite) Edit

This jewel chest contains 1x Ruby, 1x Sapphire, 1x Citrine and 1x Emerald.

Obtained in Lucky Loot and Daily Login Reward.
Jewel Chest lvl 1
Jewel Chest lvl 1 Data
The elite (blue) version of this jewel chest is a pack containing 4x Rubies, 4x Sapphires, 4x Citrines and 4x Emeralds. Of course, all level 1.
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Level 2 Edit

Level 3 (Wicked) Edit

This jewel chest contains a Lv. 3 1x Sapphire, 1x Citrine, 1x Ruby or 1x Emerald.

When opening, you randomly receive such a jewel.

Level 4 Edit

Level 5 (Wicked) Edit

Contains a Lv.5 Sapphire, Citrine, Ruby or Emerald.

Level 6 (Legendary) Edit