King Jain Lantafik is a character, he will appear when you start the game, with High Priestess saying to him that it is time for him to take the throne. When he was a child, he used to have a mother who died after his ascension to King. His birthday is mentioned in Celebration Balloon.

He was once cursed to aging by Destruction Captain after killing him during the battle of Scorched Waste in Lava Plains. However, he was returned to normal after killing the Marsh King in Marshlands.

In Mech Warship, he's really surprised by the technology created by Evil Doctor Gorlu. After his war contraption SZ888 is destroyed, he then felt regret for the Doctor's extraordinary skills. However, he declared him dead for his actions against the Kingdom.

Fun facts Edit

  • King Jain Lantafik is mentioned as a favorite character by Hoanganh13, the administrator and Grand Council Master of The King of Towers Wiki.
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