Considerations Edit

Please note, that wishing something should cost less money or diamonds is useless. The developers from Shinezone are living from this game. So they need money to further improve the game.

Known Bugs and waiting to be fixed Edit

  • When you upgrade something, the game suddenly freezes.
  • Sometimes the game pauses in the middle of the world map fight. This can either be temporary e.g. during heavy server load because of Cyclops King, Poseidon, New World Boss (during this time the game will continue, but you can't do anything), or it can be permanent caused by unknown reason. Sometimes, but not always pausing the game might help, most most likely you need to refresh and lose the game. During the pause you can still use magic, e.g. summon troops and they will appear, but won't attack. Upgrading towers during this time will make them appear vanished and you can not build on that spot anymore nor interact with the spot. You can also select and view the stats of your heroes and enemies. WARNING! If you use special items during this period you will still lose those items, even if you end up having to refresh and lose the game. The pause can also happen even after you have won the game, so be careful not to use special items that you don't want to lose for nothing.
  • Tornado sometimes misses enemies and blows them forward.
  • When Evil Doctor Gorlu has the magical barrier on him, he doesn’t take any damage for infinite time and then he becomes invincible.

Game Balancing Issues Edit

  • Jungle Warfare Focus. This tower weapon is totally useless. 0,5% damage instead of 30 would make the tower playable again. Currently this tower gets never played by any player.
  • Dragoneer Broiling Flames. Should also be percentual like 2 times damage. Currently this tower weapon is useless for players beyond Kingdom Level 30.
  • The wizard transfiguration is useless. The enemy gets transformed into a sheep with same speed which does not attack soldiers nor gets attacked by them. So there is no sense in using this skill. Please let either soldiers attack the sheep or give sheep much slower speed.
  • All barracks are too weak. Later on the are not very useful anymore. Especially the barracks talents are too weak. 5% more health, 3% more health regen are way too weak. That should at least be doubled.
  • Oiler Jumbo Wat: Increases slow duration and reduce cooldown.
  • Oiler Ignition Oil: Makes the oil interact with AOE Towers.

Desired improvements Edit

  • Remove the annoying banner about "xxx bought yyy" or "xxx finished daily task."
  • Design enemies that are immune to attacks, from distance. For example, they could carry shields above their heads or have magic shields. Such enemies would make the players need their barracks more often. Currently most of the good players don't fortify their barracks anymore after level 25, because they are not needed anymore.
  • New tiers for Magic skills and Towers to improve Battle Power if Dark Soul Crystal are no use for players to spend.
  • Make Training Grounds gain experience depend on Kingdom Level.
  • Remove the investigation bars in Crown Port. They are only confusing to new players.
  • Display the castle technologies in the hero screen. For example the armor.
  • Create a new "challenge" mode for all tower defense levels. All Level in all three modes (normal heroic and hard) should have a selection box for extra challenge. When selected, the monsters are twice as strong and the rewards are doubled. That has two advantages: 1) Without much development effort lot of replay ability is added to the game. 2) Players have would have benefits for actual playing than only taxing.
  • Have a new reward table in Fighting Pits.

Lakoakos' advices:

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Strange / Unclear things: Edit

  • The amount of extra damage from castle tech physical is unclear: With basic physical tech at level 6, the soldiers of barracks levels 1-3 have an additional 30 damage which is expected but if you upgrade the barrack to hall of divinity the damage buff is increased to 45 -> depends on initial stats
  • At the archer tower talent "Steeltip Arrows" it is written, three point of armor are ignored. If that is true, this talent seems useless, because in the technology upgrade area, you can see, that 10 points are 0,1 percent. So with this talent maxed you only get 0,3 percent of armor ignorance. That is nearly nothing.
  • When you complete Ultimate Fantasy in Heroic and Hard, Discard Workshop Heroic doesn't show up until you refresh the page.
  • "Auto-fill lost soldiers" in Boss Clash will ONLY fill up to your soldier maximum from Barracks.
    • Fixed in version 217/218

Completely Fixed Edit

  • Sharpnel Shot can deal damage within an area with x number of shells from a cluster bomb.
  • Force Open bug in Chests is removed.

Improvements and Compensations Edit

  • Monsters in Crown Port become more powerful (affects occupation) in Version 204. Receive a compensation (3000 Gold, 3000 Honor, 3 Heroic Medal, 5 Ham, 3 Madantium) in Version 205.
Screenshot 17-1451226714
  • Events don't appear in 14/4/2016 until 15/4/2016 in Version 238. Receive a compensation (500 Gold, 500 Honor, 5 Ham)
Screenshot 29-1460796709
  • Eqyptian Queen's Magic Ball is affected by a joke of one of the developers. Receive a compensation (1000 Gold, 1000 Honor, 3 Grindstone), sometimes 2 in Facebook.
  • Battle of Kings had a problem regarding Victory and defeat issue. Receive 30000 Gold, 6000 Honor Stars, 10 Heroic Medal and 1 Hero Upgrade Chest.
    BoK Bugs