Korina Chantress is one of the available heroes in Tavern and it's usually the third one to be acquired, after Robin Eagleye.

Her focus has always been on damaging spells.


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Hero Korina Chantress portrait Hero Legendary Mage portrait Hero Angel Judge portrait Hero 180017 11 3encq41 Hero 180021 11 r8uemr
Korina Chantress
C Rank
Basic BP: 1200
Legendary Mage
C+ Rank
Basic BP: 4500
Angel Judge
B Rank
Basic BP: 10500
Storm Master
B+ Rank

Basic BP: 18000

A Rank

Basic BP: 32000

  • Korina Chantress wields magic as her weapon against evil. She is weakly armored but can flash around the battlefield instantly.
  • (C) Korina Chantress, daughter of the president of the Magic Academy has grown up with mages, wizards and witches alike.
  • (C+) The Legendary Mage uses magic as her shield and weapon as one.She can flash across the battlefield wreaking devastation.
  • (B) With the full knowledge of magic on her side, she will bring down the hammer of justice when it is needed.
  • (B+)
  • (A)
  • Class: Magic Range
  • Specialties: Ignores Physical Armor, Fast Movespeed. Great at taking highly armored enemies down from a distance.

The main source of the Legendary Mage Soul Shards to increase Korina's Rank is the reward of the Blitz Acres wave 50 and random in wave 70. After this, the Supply Station if you send 8 or more runs each day, otherwise the Mystery Reward from Daily Check. See Rank for details and strategy.


Hero Rank Life Strength Intelligence Agility
C 2700 650-1050 925 105
+45/lv +11-17/lv +18/lv +2/lv
C+ 3240 780-1260 1110 126
+54/lv +13-20/lv +22/lv +3/lv
B 5400 1300-2100 1850 210
+67.5/lv +16.5-25.5/lv +27/lv +3/lv
B+ 6750 1625-2625 2312 262
+84.5/lv +20.5-31.5/lv +34/lv +4/lv
A 10800 2600-4200 3700 420
+135/lv +33-51/lv +54/lv +6/lv

Augment Limit

Hero Rank Life Strength Intelligence Agility
C +90/lv +14/lv +36/lv +4/lv
C+ +108/lv +16/lv +44/lv +6/lv
B +135/lv +21/lv +54/lv +6/lv
B+ +169/lv +26/lv +68/lv +8/lv
A +270/lv +42/lv +108/lv +12/lv


"Quality" is increased with Rank. The five levels shown (Basic, Ace, Master, Epic, Divine) correspond to ranks C, C+, B, B+, A

Table collapsed for space
Quality Basic Effect(Lv1) Growth Effect
Speedy - Slightly increases hero attack speed.
HeroSkill SpeedyBasic Speedy (C) +2% Attack Speed +2%/lv
HeroSkill SpeedyAce Speedy (C+) +3% Attack Speed +3%/lv
HeroSkill SpeedyMaster Speedy (B) +10% Attack Speed +4%/lv
HeroSkill SpeedyEpic Speedy (B+) +15% Attack Speed +5%/lv
HeroSkill SpeedyDivine Speedy (A) +20% Attack Speed +10%/lv

Arcane Bombardment - Bombards enemies in an area with arcane bullets. CD 30 seconds.

HeroSkill Basic Arcane BombardmentBasic Arcane Bombardment (C) deal 4000-6000 damage +1500/lv
HeroSkill Ace Arcane BombardmentAce Arcane Bombardment (C+) deal 4000-8000 damage +2000/lv
HeroSkill Master Arcane BombardmentMaster Arcane Bombardment (B) deal 5000-10000 damage +2500/lv
HeroSkill Master Arcane BombardmentEpic Arcane Bombardment (B+) deal 6000-12000 damage +3000/lv
HeroSkill Master Arcane BombardmentDivine Arcane Bombardment (A) deal 8000-15000 damage +4000/lv

Vampirism - Hero gains lifesteal on hit.

HeroSkill VampirismBasic Vampirism (C) Gain 3% of damage +3%/lv
HeroSkill VampirismAce Vampirism (C+) Gain 4% of damage +4%/lv
HeroSkill VampirismMaster Vampirism (B) Gain 8% of damage +4%/lv
HeroSkill VampirismEpic Vampirism (B+) Gain 10% of damage +5%/lv
HeroSkill VampirismDivine Vampirism (A) Gain 12% of damage +6%/lv

Aura of Range - Call upon the powers of war to greatly increase hero attack range for an amount of time.

HeroSkill Basic Aura of RangeBasic Aura of Range (C) Increase 20 hero attack range +10/lv
HeroSkill Ace Aura of RangeAce Aura of Range (C+) Increase 30 hero attack range +15/lv
HeroSkill Master Aura of RangeMaster Aura of Range (B) Increase 40 hero attack range +20/lv
HeroSkill Master Aura of RangeEpic Aura of Range (B+) Increase 50 hero attack range +25/lv
HeroSkill Master Aura of RangeDivine Aura of Range (A) Increase 60 hero attack range +30/lv

Elementalist - Increase skill damage.

HeroSkill ElementalistBasic Elementalist (C) +10% Skill damage +10%/lv
HeroSkill ElementalistAce Elementalist (C+) +12% Skill damage +12%/lv
HeroSkill ElementalistMaster Elementalist (B) +15% Skill damage +14%/lv
HeroSkill ElementalistEpic Elementalist (B+) +18% Skill damage +18%/lv
HeroSkill ElementalistDivine Elementalist (A) +21% Skill damage +21%/lv

Note: The Arcane Bombardment skill has a chance of insta-killing monsters.


Table collapsed for space
Tier 1 - 5 Dark Soul Crystals and 5000 Honor, BP 300
Talent Magic SpreadMagic Spread Korina Chantress can channel magic in a farther range: attack range increased by 50.
Talent Intense MagicIntense Magic More dangerous magic for higher damage:attack increased by 1000.
Talent Magic RegenMagic Regen Korina can channel to increase her health regen to godly speeds :increases health regen to 400%.
Tier 2 - 10 Dark Soul Crystals and 10000 Honor, BP 800
Talent Slow ShotSlow Shot

Slowing magic attacks for easier targeting:attack slows target for 3 seconds(apply to every shot).

Learn Magic Spread + Intense Magic first

Talent Magic ArmorMagic Armor

Imbues her armor with magic for better protection:armor permanently increased by 15(%).

Learn Magic Regen first

Tier 3 - 15 Dark Soul Crystals and 15000 Honor, BP 1600
Talent Rapido MagicRapido Magic

After using arcane bombardment, Korina becomes more focused with her attacks:gain 100% attack speed after using arcane bombardment for 3 seconds.

Learn Slow Shot first

Talent Channeled FocusChanneled Focus

With training, Korina is able to use magic more quickly:reduces arcane bombardment cooldown by 50%.

Learn Slow Shot first

Tier 4 - 20 Dark Soul Crystals and 20000 Honor, BP 3000
Talent OverloadOverload

Channeling inward, Korina can increase all magic damage output:magic ability damages increased by 50% (only Arcane Bombardment).

Learn Rapido Magic + Channeled Focus first