Lava Plains is the third region of the world. It features demonic inhabitants. It lies after The Tundra and before The Desert.

You need to be Kingdom Level 20 to fight here.

The third slot of the Supply Station can be unlocked after beating all the basic scenarios on the three difficulty levels. The bonus scenario (Flaming Plains) is unlocked the same way, but it also requires 3 stars on every map and difficulty level.

Boss: Destruction Captain

Maximum stars: 81 (8 maps + bonus)

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In the following tables you will see a column titled "Life/Atk scale". These are modifiers to the monsters set by the level. That means if a monster/boss have basic 30k life, and the level modifier of life is 2, that monster will have 60k life. If e.g. Life/Atk scale is 3/2 the monsters will have three times as much health and twice the attack power.

General strategy


Some enemies you may find here are:


Lava Plains boss (the Captain of Destruction, a.k.a The Captain of Lag) special Moves:

Easy - HP: 1180400, Atk: 17226-18337, Armor: Medium, Life: 20

Lava Plains Boss Fire Balls
  1. Summon fire balls on the map to block towers from attacking for short time. can be canceled by clicking.
  2. Summon portals which spawn enemies. Double click to cancel. The portals may open anywhere, and this includes just over your home, even at the edge of the screen. You may thus (by mere chance) lose a battle even if you had it all on your favor.
  3. Gives all the minions near him invincibility buffs, make them impossible to be killed. But the boss himself takes double (or more) damage. this status can be canceled by clicking.

Towers needed

Many Demons and such have Magic Resistance. You will also need major AOE (Area of Effect) damage in some sections.

It's recommended to have Assassin Syndicate (Tier 3 Arrows), particularly for Fauna Forge Heroic. If you can afford it, the "Fly Cutter" ability is very useful.

Dragoons (Tier 3 Cannons) are not strictly required, but they make a lot of Heroic and Hard scenarios much easier. Plus they will be absolutely required in The Desert, so you may well start soon.

Old Country

Toll Old Country

Despite it's name, the Lava Plains have been a peaceful place but your view from the Tundra plateau shows something has changed.

Heroic: No cannon

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/16/1200 490/80 Black Gold 12% 20 2/1
Heroic 5/1/1600 490/110 Black Gold 22%

Water Essence 14%

23 2.2/1
Hard 1/6/1550 490/155 Black Gold 22%

Water Essence 14% Notch Rock 30%

24 2.5/1

Easy:-place mage towers everywhere and keep upgrading them.Use robin to kill blood bats and other enemies.

Fauna Forge

Toll Fauna Forge

The plains are alive with demon work, the native fauna all deserted or enslaved.

Heroic: No cannon

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/16/1300 500/85 Black Gold 16% 20 2.1/1
Heroic 5/1/1550 500/115 Black Gold 26%

Water Essence 17%

23 2.2/1
Hard 1/6/1450 500/160 Black Gold 26%

Water Essence 17% Notch Rock 30%

24 2.5/1

Headless Valley

Toll Headless Valley

Entering Headless Valley, the quickest way through two liquid lava plains, demons quickly perimeter your forces.

Heroic: No arrow

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/17/1400 510/90 Black Gold 20% 21 2.2/1
Heroic 5/1/1650 510/120 Black Gold 30%

Water Essence 20%

24 2.5/1
Hard 1/6/1600 510/165 Black Gold 30%

Water Essence 20% Notch Rock 30%

25 2.8/1

Purgatory Cave

Toll Purgatory Cave

Clearing out every cave and cranny is tedious work but we can not afford to be attacked from behind.

Heroic: No arrow

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/1500 520/95 Black Gold 24% 22 2.2/1
Heroic 5/1/1400 520/125 Black Gold 34%

Water Essence 23%

25 2.5/1
Hard 1/6/1850 520/170 Black Gold 34%

Water Essence 23% Notch Rock 30%

26 2.8/1

Magma Mount

Toll Magma Mount

Having reached slopes of Magma Mount, bugles of war blow. The slopes are littered with demon encampments.

Easy: Waves with flying: 8

Heroic: No mage

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/1300 530/100 Black Gold 28% 24 2.3/1
Heroic 5/1/1800 530/130 Black Gold 38%

Water Essence 25%

27 2.6/1
Hard 1/6/1400 530/175 Black Gold 38%

Water Essence 25% Notch Rock 30%

28 2.9/1

Magma Mount Strategy

  • Heroic: fliers and no mage? -> arrows. But also much AOE
    • Place 2 cannon towers at the goal and upgrade one to a dragoon. upgrade the other as resources become available.
    • Place 3 barracks and your heroes near the cannon towers.
    • Fill the rest of the map with arrow towers.
    • Upgrade as you see fit, and you shouldnt have too much trouble.
  • Hard: A quick rush with little means of defense, two of the main tower spots at the top removed, and you need arrows/mages for the flyers. Short version: you need Dragooners.
    • The order of appearance is of little importance, for they all come shortly after the others. Order: First Orc Assassin, then the Boars, next the Orc Wolfriders. All of this very close. Boars go to the Portal. Second wave, all at the same time. Boars arrive on the middle of Wave 2. This is the first rush. It can be defeated with the starting goods: Triangle at the top right with two tier 2 cannons and a Tier 2 Barracks. They will contain the rush, aided by heroes and militia. Use goods to build more cannons on top left as you gain them. Keep building cannons, the whole battle is a rush.
    • On Wave 3 and 5 Ursa Captains emerge from Bottom Left. Also, the Fliers (Bloodthirsty Smoker x10) will arrive from there on Wave 5 and 6. Hail is a lifesaver. Use wisely. It can be very useful against the fliers, because they come confused with the rest of the wave. Cover that entrance with two mage towers (make sure they're at least tier 2 before wave 5) and a barracks to slow the Ursa Captains a little.
    • Bottom right entrance is a calmer rush. You only need a moderate amount of firepower. Put a barracks on bottom right spot, then line the center with 3 cannons. Upgrade as needed (only tier 2 needed, or not even that). Part of these enemies will go to the portal to emerge from top, where your central dragons will smash them. Another part will be smashed by the same towers if they go through the main route. The important part is not to let them distract your cannons too much from the central rush.
    • The central section is the important one. Tier 2 cannons won't be enough here. It's time for the Dragooner. They will happily smash all rushes sent against you. Upgrade the first two cannons to Dragoneers, and the two top left ones too, as resources allow. And resources are plentiful, which should have been a tip for what the map needed.
    • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Extra explanation for Hard lvl---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • -- Just Beat this lvl : -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • <- how i started and hold first wave, Move korina and Robin to deal ranged dmg, move vord to help on bottom right corner, it let 5-6 boars escape, use A 2 times there as soon as the A available. use S in S spot to kill first rider who didnt stop with baracks, use D when riders and healers come bellow dragoneer where korian and robin fighting spot
    • <- when second wave start entering map you have to evolve arrowed building to at least this. and always move korina and robin out of dmg to shoot, baracks will hold just enough, USE S only on ursa, to stun or kill, use spells always hold D for big swarm.
    • <- eventualy get to this set, and evovle dragoneer anger to max for both towers, evolve heal to max, let vord tank and robin tank ursas barack heal them, when fliers come use D to nuke most of fliers before they get to robin korina fight point, if flier passed that piint move korina and robin to behind last turrent so they nuke remaining fliers, dragoneer anger will help.
    • thats how i finished this lvl, sorry for no vord and no korina and no robin on last 2 pictures, but they must move where fight is. so move them.
    • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Extra explanation for Hard lvl---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Toll Vulcanland

The air is choked with smoke, and demons and necromancers swarm in the distance. We are getting close to something big.

Easy: Waves with flying: 4

Heroic: No barracks No arrow No cannon

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/1350 540/105 Black Gold 32% 25 2.4/1
Heroic 5/1/1600 540/135 Black Gold 42%

Water Essence 27%

28 2.6/1
Hard 1/6/1300 540/180 Black Gold 42%

Water Essence 27% Notch Rock 30%

29 2.9/1

Vulcanland Strategy

  • Heroic: Only mage towers. Oh, well, this is simple. The most important part is upgrading in order. Start by filling all with towers. Then upgrade the center, all first tiers. Then the bottom rank, all first tiers. Then center to Archmage, then upper rank first tier. And so on, and so forth. Good timing with magic skills and good control of the heroes is a must, specially in the last part. But it can be done with mage towers level 26.
    • Update 21/04/2015: The above strategy no longer works. There are 180 Lil Demon coming from the top entrance in a continuous stream, so with Mage Towers level 26, Lance at level 25, Robin at 16, Militia at 24, Static at 25 and Blizzard at 25 there's simply no way to do enough damage to the coming enemies. Around the time the Berserk Banner Guards from the below entrance start coming you will be overrun by the Lil Demons.
    • The strategy still works, it's just very hard. I was able to finish with one life, which isn't perfect, but still allowed me to move onto other levels. I have yet to try again. Just upgrade your towers above level 26, and think about which ones you level up and when. Good management of heroes and spells also helps alot. If you fail, just try again when you're a bit stronger.
    • UPDATE. With mage towers at level 32, i got 3 stars. The hard part to this level is getting past the initial waves from the bottom. if you can, once you start upgrading your towers its easy.
  • Hard: The beserk orc chieftans on this level have a stupid amount of heath, and will be the main problem. You can drop a level 29 blizzard on a group of them and they will not die, even when damaged by your towers using the above strategy. Yet another case of levelling until the enemies actually die.
  • UPDATE* Just use the strategy in this video and you will make it through. I had been trying other ones with towers, heroes and magic all stronger than this guys and nothing had been working. the original strategy was too vague so i removed it.

Demon Camp

Toll Demon Camp

A massive summoning ceremony has been initiated, we must do everything we can to stop it.

Heroic: No arrow

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/1500 550/110 Black Gold 36% 26 2.5/1
Heroic 5/1/1800 550/140 Black Gold 46%

Water Essence 29%

29 2.7/1
Hard 1/6/1800 550/185 Black Gold 46%

Water Essence 29% Notch Rock 30%

30 3/1

Demon Camp Strategy

  • Heroic: No arrow. This map is actually easy once you understand you only need AOE. So, put 4 cannons in a square on the two bottom rows. Three more cannons on the top right triangle. You can ignore the top left tower slot. Fill the rest with barracks. Upgrade as needed, but start with the cannons, and prioritize the central ones. You don't need much hero management at the recommended tower level, but keep Lance Alotte on bottom most of the time because many of the enemies emerging from the portal are ranged. Let them attack your barracks and militia, thus being pinned in place. Let cannons destroy them. The ones coming from below won't be a threat once they complete the long journey.
  • Hard: This map offers so many goods that you can keep upgrading way beyond needed. There are enough goods to build a Tier 3 tower on each spot, and more than 1100 extra left. So, on the bottom rung, a barracks (left) and a cannon (right). On the two spots on the top left, two mage towers. Demon Legionnaires will come from there from Wave 2 onwards, so stall a little with Sir Lance Alotte or militias. Next to the portal, three cannons. Support them with barracks from the top right spot. I build another two barracks, but they saw little to no action. Upgrade the cannons to Dragooners ASAP, and you're done.

Scorched Waste

Toll Scorched Waste

We were too late to stop the Captain of Destruction from being summoned. Now we need to face him steel for steel, sweat for sweat and blood for blood.

Heroic: No cannon

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/1650 560/115 Black Gold 40% 28 2.6/1.1
Heroic 5/1/1950 560/145 Quality Rainbow Ore 4%

Pure Earth Essence 2.5%

31 2.8/1.2
Hard 1/6/1850 560/190 Quality Rainbow Ore 5.5%

Pure Earth Essence 4% Notch Rock 30%

32 3.2/1.3

Scorched Waste Strategy

The 8th and final regular scenario of this world zone, you will fight the boss here.

Entry points are referred as numbers 1 through 6 starting from bottom left and counting clockwise

  • Easy: The two top central and the two bottom central spots are the place for Dragoons. Place 3x Mage Towers on each of the top entrances (2-3 and 4-5), with a supporting Barracks each. Put a Mage tower on Entry 1, and upgrade ASAP for Ursa Captains. Cover Entry 6 with an Assassin Syndicate, a Dragoon or two and a Barracks (they will also finish the waves from 4-5 that escape the mages). Note: I was able to beat this before Dragoons, but not with 3 stars, and I didn't kept notes) Scarbrowtalk 11:22, October 9, 2014 (UTC)
  • Heroic: (note This strategy allowed 3 stars before I even had Dragoons) Scarbrowtalk 11:22, October 9, 2014 (UTC)
    • Entries and towers:
      • Entry 1: Demon master x5. Place arrows, do not upgrade at first. No barracks, stall with heroes.
      • Entry 2: Berserk Banner Guard: Place Mages.
      • Entry 3: Enraged Ursa Captain + Frost Berserker. More Mages. Barracks below the two central spots
      • Entry 4: Frost Berserker + Demon Legionaire. More Mages. Important: mages on the two central spots.
      • Entry 5: Bounty Hunter x18 (magic defense), Captain of Destruction, Ursarius x12 (rush, phys defense). Place Arrows and Barracks.
      • Entry 6: Mercifully not used.
    • Attack order:
      • First the Frost Berserkers on Entry 3. Contain with Korina and Robin (they stay and shoot, heroes and mages take them out). Supplement with Militia if hero health is low.
      • Next the Berserk Banner Guard from Entry 2, the Frost Berserkers on Entry 4, the Bounty Hunters of Entry 5. Move Sir Lance Alotte to 5. Contain on 4 with Korina and Robin. Upgrade center mages to Archmages.
      • Then a Ursarius Rush. No biggie. Contain with barracks and heroes, dispatch with Hail
      • Then the Enraged Ursa Captains. Move Sir Lance Alotte to intercept. All mages to Archmage now, upgrade barracks on path.
      • Finally, Demon Masters appear along with the Captain of Destruction and the Demon Legionnaires. Looks impossible, but it's feasible. Ursa Captains and Demon Legionnaires almost rush, unless sufficient firepower near home. Lance Alotte may die, but do not let Ursa pass. Arrow towers need to concentrate on Demon Masters. Other heroes may die too, but try to keep one at home. Be very careful with portals from the Captain of Destruction. On the Mage part you are not ready to deal with the Cerberusia rush. Click quick, and don't mind the lag. Station a hero or two if you still have them on home. A portal can (and probably will) open just there. Also a barracks, deploy point at home, once only the Captain is at screen.
  • Hard: I'm not sure how I did this, although I did. There are no fliers. Missing 3 spots near home, near entry 6. And of course, attacks from every flank. And horrible lag from the Captain of Destruction, allowing the portal (if one opens near home) to storm you. Of course, the missing spots for towers are the ones where you would have put barracks. Careful, though, with the Cerberusia from Wave 3 on Entry 6 (they rush). According to my screenshot, 2x Dragoons on the top center spots. A Dragoon the closest possible to home (that and heroes will have to withstand the portals, you may lose if one opens too close to home). Mage towers on the rest.

Flaming Plains

Toll Flaming Plains

I thought the Flaming Plains were lost forever, scarred and deformed by the old wars. But here it is inhabited by a myriad of creatures. Let's get defending.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/10/3500 590/125 Quality Rainbow Ore 4% 30 3/1
Heroic 20/10/3600 590/155 Quality Rainbow Ore 5.5%

Pure Earth Essence 4%

32 3.1/1.1
Hard 20/12/3500 590/200 Quality Rainbow Ore 6.5%

Pure Earth Essence 5% Notch Rock 30%

33 3.2/1.2

Flaming Plains Strategy

The bonus scenario of this world zone. To unlock it, beat all the other levels with 3 stars on each difficulty. You will also fight the boss here.

For the following strategies my levels are all around 30 for towers/skills/heros.

  • Easy: This level is a bit of a mad rush from all sides, lots of groups and fliers so I went with Arch towers. I placed 2 dragoneers near my home at the start, rest is archer towers and upgrade as needed. Use your militia to group up enemies, time your hails well and it should be pretty smooth sailing. Captain of Destruction last wave, ignore him till all the other enemies are dead and then concentrate fire. 3 stars first try.
  • Heroic: Switched to 90% mage towers (with tornado) for this one. I placed 2 dragoneers near my home again, rest mage towers. Upgraded all to tier 2 first, then started working on tornados closer to my home. Upgrade fast, pay attention. Captain of Destruction on wave 5, I ignored him until he got close to my home so I could actually hurt him. Another one on wave 10, keep an eye on the spawning boxes near your base, and make sure you keep robin attacking the Captain. Only managed 1 star my first try with this one.
  • Hard: Same set up as Heroic. If you felt clustered on Heroic mode you are in for a surprise. Keep upgrading like crazy, tornados everywhere (Focus on upgrading near home first until you start pushing them back more). Wolfbane on wave 1, not really an issue, Captain of Destructions on waves 4,8,12 I just ignored them, the succubus' will heal them non-stop so focus on wiping out everything else, and once the captain gets down near your base, pile Korina + Robin + Militia on him and take him down quick. This level was a non-stop rush, I figured around half way there was no way I could finish it, but walked out with 3 stars with this strategy.