Lost Possessions

Lost Possessions is an event that you need to find the things that the thief has stolen. You need to match 2 items in a row to get an item. It's the main source of Defender Outfit Piece.

You can use a Notebook to remember what lockers have been opened for 30 diamonds and a Quick Matcher to directly pair up rewards from what lockers have been opened for 30 diamonds.

Items include: Fairy Wood - Rainbow Ore - Black Gold, Earth - Air - Water Essence, Jewels Lv.1, Upgrade Tome, Burger - Apple Pie - Chicken Wing, Madantium - Rock Block - Magic Hammer, Gold, Honor Star, Blue Fairy, Phoenix Feather - Big Cache - Cold Wand - Potent Bomb, Defender Outfit Piece (2-5), Essence Solvent, Hero Upgrade Chest, Grindstone, Elemental Contract, Notch Rock, Dark Soul Crystal.

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