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For the Lucky Roulette event a players have to gather as much metal as possible. There are three ways to gather as much metal as possible:
  • Fighting Bosses in the Beast Cave (50% chance to get one per go)
  • Fighting in the Fighting Pits (50% chance per go)
  • Killing Treasure Hunters in maps (you do not have to win the battle, up to a max of 5)

You get 15 Metal at the first time you have seen this event.

Exchanging Metal Edit

The metal you gathered can be exchanged for lucky balls. These balls allow you to participate in the actual roulette. Two kinds of balls are available: Gold and Silver.

Roulette Prices Edit

You can also use 10 Lucky Balls at once.

2016 Edit

Lucky Gold Ball Edit

Lucky Silver Ball Edit

2017 Edit

The Lottery now replaces the Persian Hat with a Frost Crown as the rarest item, one of the equipments in Frost Set.

Pirate Sets Edit

Level Pirate Flag
20 80 / piece
40 220 / piece
60 450 / piece

2017 Edit

Frost Set equipments now make its full appearance from Level 40 and above.

Level Pirate Flag Full Battle Power
40 360 / piece 19200
60 720 / piece 51200

Exchange Edit

Items Pirate Flags
Rock Block, Grindstone, Stone, Notch Rock, Madantium 10
Magic Hammer, Elemental Contract 20
Dark Soul Crystal 100

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