Militia Magic Skill - Royal Guard Magic Skill - Immortals

Magic Skill Static Magic Skill Lightning Bolt Magic Skill Lightning Strike

Magic Skill Hail Magic Skill Blizzard Magic Skill Ice Tempest

Magic Skills are actions you can take while in battle to help your towers into stalling or destroying your enemies.

Magic skills are:

  • Militia: Puts two soldiers on the path of the enemies. Higher levels improve Life and Armor of these soldiers and give them a ranged attack.
  • Static: Much damage to a single enemy. Higher levels stun and reduce Armor.
  • Hail: AOE (Area of Effect) damage to multiple enemies. Higher levels Slow and Freeze.

Magic skills are improved in the Magic Ward every 4 stars. Their talents can be also upgraded with the cost of Gold, Blue Essences and Elemental Contracts.