The marketplace is, as the name suggests, a place to purchase items for the game. It is unlocked at Kingdom Level 11.

Most of the items found here can only be purchased with diamonds, however during the Black Market regular event there is an additional tab which allows the (daily limited) purchase of some items for (large amounts of) gold.

The main categories are Materials and Consumable. When a category is big enough is split into pages, scrolled through by an arrow at the bottom.

The Hot! tab contains items from the two previous categories, presumably for items of great popularity.

Usually there is an additional tab, associated with an event. Known events are:

  • Black Market. See Black Market for details. It's archived to replace into Mysterious Store.
  • Market Material Promotion: These are items on sale from the full price. There are four deals at a time, and they may vary from time to time depend on Kingdom Level. You can buy each deal up to 5 times. Offers seen include:

These prices are 80% of the permanent ones (and in the case of the beers, they are only available during this event).


These are items used for upgrades, including what in the wiki we've called resources. You buy by units.

ItemDiamond price
Heroic Medal 5
Rainbow Ore 2
Earth Essence 2
Fairy Wood 2
Air Essence 2
Black Gold 2
Water Essence 2
Quality Rainbow Ore 10
Pure Earth Essence 10
Quality Fairy Wood 10
Pure Air Essence 10
Notch Rock 5
Elemental Connect 10
Upgrade Tome (level 1) 25
Gold Knight Soul Shard 100
Legendary Mage Soul Shard 100
Explosive Expert Soul Shard 100
Warrior Ranger Soul Shard 100
Gold Hammer 50
Common Shield/Medal/Boots 2
Excellent Shield/Medal/Boots 10
Pure Shield/Medal/War Boots 30
Glorious Shield/Medal/War Boots 60
Hard wood
Treasure Map
Blue Fairy 40
Mysterious Mushroom 5


Consumables are items that are spent for limited time effects, like making your Kingdom 'invisible', protecting you from attack, adding energy, or helping you in battle. You buy by single units (although some units are containers for several items)

ItemDiamond price
Invisibility Charm 30
Invisibility Shield 150
Burger 10
Chicken Wing (max 4) 30
Apple Pie (max 6) 25
Cold Wand 15
Potent Bomb 50
Big Cache 15
Phoenix Feather 10
Longevity Card 20
Burger Pack (contains 10) 80
Cold Wand Pack (contains 10) 120
Bomb Pack (contains 5) 200

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