Marsh King

Marsh King
The Marsh King is a chimera-like dragon with mutiple headsRevered as a god within the marshes, there is no marsh creature who dare cross his pathIt is said he has never been defeated, nevertheless injured in battleDo you dare to take him on?
Hit Points Damage Armor Lives
1200000 8330-11670 Armor-physical No Armor 20
Speed Range Air Goods
Slow Melee No 116
Rabid Bite, Absorb, Regenerator

Marsh King is a boss in Marshlands. It has an ability to be immune to physical attacks and regen itself. It also can reduce physical damage taken. After killing it to get the cure, King Jain Lantafik became young again. It first appears in Hideout Marsh.


  • Recover 0.1% of max life every 10 seconds
  • +25% Physical Armor every 25 seconds (80% chance)
  • Recover 2% of max life every 30 seconds
  • Use a bite that disables towers with mud. Can be cancelled by clicking.

Strategy #1

Master of Elements 11:26, August 13, 2015 (UTC)

Strategy #2

  • Use Durin Atomika (with Stunner Bomb and Rocketeer skill) and make sure Durin throws a Stunner Bomb and then rockets out to become invincible and hold the Marsh King. Use Korina Chantress and sell all towers to replace them with Mage Towers upgraded to damage the Marsh King. Smart use of spells such as Lightning Strike and Ice Tempest would help a lot to damage the Marsh King (not useful in Blitz Acres after all Marsh Kings receive 100% physical armor).

Madcookiedough 08:04,September 25, 2015 (UTC)