Marshlands is the fifth world section, after The Desert and before Oblivion's Cave.

You need to be Kingdom Level 40 to fight here.

The bonus scenario (The Twisted Marsh) is unlocked after you beat all basic scenarios with 3 stars, on every difficulty level.

Boss: Marsh King.

Maximum stars: 81 (8 maps + bonus)

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In the following tables you will see a column titled "Life/Atk scale". These are modifiers to the monsters set by the level. That means if a monster/boss have basic 30k life, and the level modifier of life is 2, that monster will have 60k life. If e.g. Life/Atk scale is 3/2 the monsters will have three times as much health and twice the attack power.

New Enemies

Toxic Slime - slime not only hungry but poisons all that touches.

  • Poison
  • Normal speed
  • Heavy magic resist


Marsh King - the marsh king is a chimera-like dragon with multiple heads. revered as a god within the marshes. there is no marsh creature who dares cross his path. it is said he has never been defeated, nevertheless injured in battle. do you dare to take him on?

Special moves:

  • Regenerator - heal himself for about 20% of his total health. long cool down. Appears to be un-cancelable (although it has long cool down it is still too short due to combination of extremely high amount of total health and heal rate of about 20% of total)
  • Rabid Bite - disables towers with mud. Can be cancelled by clicking.
  • Absorb - effect appears to be lessen 25% physical damage taken. long cool down. cannot be canceled.

M.E.F (Man Eating Flower)

- Corrosive Seed

- Weak Magic Resist

Poison Moth


-Poison Dust

Swamp of Lonliness

Toll Swamp of Lonliness

Let's detour around the bandit cities, they don't serve as much of a problem to anyone but themselvesHopefully the Reptili of the Swamp of Lonliness don't serve as too big a problem.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/19/2400 730/130 Quality Fairy Wood 4% 40 3.5/1
Heroic 5/1/1800 730/180 Quality Fairy Wood 7%

Pure Air Essence 4%

43 3.8/1
Hard 1/6/2000 730/255 Quality Fairy Wood 7%

Pure Air Essence 4% Notch Rock 40%

44 4.1/1

Swamp of Loneliness Strategy

  • Easy: Setup AOE towers in the centre slots: 2 arrow towers in the bottom centre slots (closest to home), and 2 dragooner towers next to them. Above the dragooners barracks with the rally point closest to the bottom, and then arrow towers in the bottom corners. Place your heroes by the rally points where the 2 paths meet at the bottom. Enemies all come from the top middle to start with, so block with militia and use lightening and hail. Upgrade all the arrow towers and add a mix of arrows and mage towers in the top spots.  Then concentrate on upgrading the towers closest to home to assassin towers with fly cutter skill. Fliers come from the top on wave 4, after wave 9 all enemies come from the 3 top paths. Upgrade the bottom towers to strongest barracks and full fly cutters. By wave 14 as enemies start coming from all directions and

all goes mad. Strong Mud Golems in on wave 15 and fliers wave 17. Hold out and you're done

  • Heroic: Start off with the same strategy as easy but resources are sparse so concentrate on Dragooners first and then arrow towers at the bottom. Don't have any towers in the top half as its a waste. The rush starts from the top but soon comes from all angles. You may have to juggle the heroes around and use militia to block certain enemies. Use lightening and hail on the tough enemies but always keep an eye on anything getting close to your home. Keep upgrading the arrow towers and barracks, and sell any towers further from home if necessary.
  • Hard: Flyers on wave 2: 2 groups of 3 Smokers, one from the left and one from the right. Best way to deal with them seems to be to let your towers and heroes weaken them, and then finish them off with an Ice Tempest just as they are about to escape. As for the ground enemies, all you need are the five spots closest to home. From left to right: Dragooner, Arrow Tower, empty, Arrow, Dragooner. Upgrade each of the two Arrow towers once and you'll be left with just 40 goods. As soon as possible build a Mage tower on the spot you left empty (between the two Arrow towers) and focus on upgrading it until it has become a Witch with level 3 Tornado. After that upgrade the two Arrow towers to Sniper Lookout. If you have any goods left you can also pay for .50 Cal. Use Militia to slow down enemies and group them, and use spells to weaken any enemies with high HP, especially the Mud Golems. Level finished with Mage towers at level 37, Arrow at 32, and Cannons at 31.

Central Square

Toll Central Square

A Broken hero sculpture standing in the center of Central Square seems to tell us a tragedy.The king stayed in front of it falling in deep thought.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/17/2600 740/135 Quality Fairy Wood 6% 40 3.6/1
Heroic 5/1/1800 740/185 Quality Fairy Wood 9%

Pure Air Essence 6%

43 3.8/1
Hard 1/6/2000 740/260 Quality Fairy Wood 9%

Pure Air Essence 6% Notch Rock 40%

44 4.2/1
Central Square
  • Easy Place Assassin towers on 1 & 2 ,Cannon 4, witch tower on 6. Upgrade your assassin towers first until they have explosive shots and fly cutter, then focus on witch and her tornado skill once maxed upgrade rest of the towers as needed. I had heroes between 1 & 2, towers lev45+ but you can be 5-7 levels off and still manage with timed magic skills. Calling waves early can benefit a lot in this one since explosive shot will burn them all. Extra goods use to make back up witch towers 5 and the bottom row.
  • Heroic: Same setup as easy
  • Hard: See spots 1 and 2 in the above picture? They are gone now. Put a Dragooner (no upgrades) on spot #3 - it does a great job against the giant crocs from the right and later against the slimes. On spot #6 put an Assassin Syndicate, and right next to it put a barracks. Set the rally point as far north on the path as you can. Buy Explosive Shot but do not upgrade it yet. Use Militia to slow down enemies and your other spells (preferably Ice Tempest) to weaken them as much as possible. Upgrade Fly Cutter to max, then use the Explosive Shot upgrades to skip the cooldown for the skill. Once you have enough goods you should build another Assassin tower on spot #4 and upgrade it to max. After surviving the first 2-3 waves you can start thinking about what other towers to build (it depends on your tower levels and upgrades).

Broiling Wetlands

Toll Broiling Wetlands

Scouts have said that a pod of Slime will be upon us in about 3 days with no way to get around themBetter to face them ready than to try to get around be snuck up on.Watch your step, the Broiling Wetlands is a dangerous terrain even without enemies.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/2400 750/140 Quality Fairy Wood 8% 41 3.7/1
Heroic 5/1/2200 750/190 Quality Fairy Wood 11%

Pure Air Essence 8%

44 4/1
Hard 1/6/2300 750/265 Quality Fairy Wood 11%

Pure Air Essence 8% Notch Rock 40%

45 4.3/1
  • Easy: One Witch with maxed Tornado near home, to push back enemies (especially Mud Golems) coming from the lower right entrance. It might also be a good idea to put an Assassin Syndicate with Fly Cutter near the same entrance to help deal with Slimes coming from there. Everything else should be Sniper Lookout with .50 Cal upgraded to max. Use Ice Tempest and Static to weaken enemies. Once you have 5-6 Sniper towers with maxed .50 Cal each you have pretty much won. During the last few waves none of the enemies coming from the top two entrances even managed to make it past the halfway point of the map.
  • Heroic: Barracks on the two spots closest to home. A single Dragooner on the spot north of the right-side Barracks, so that it can attack enemies coming from the lower right entrance. To the left of the Dragooner put assassins. Another assassin tower in the same column as that one, but at the north-most of the four spots. Upgrade Explosive Shot and Fly Cutter as needed, and use your spells wisely. The two main issues you will face are a cactern rush - if you're caught unprepared some might slip past your defenses - and later some moths while your towers are busy with other enemies. In both cases Ice Tempest can be extremely useful if you have it ready. The rest is simple.
  • Hard: Another level where your best friends will be Explosive Shot and Fly Cutter. Barracks on the two spots closest to home, Assassins on the two spots north of there. Explosive Shot level 1 for each one at first, and gradually upgrade both skills until you have maxed both towers. By then most of the level will be over. The real danger is a flyer managing to slip past your defenses, so keep an eye on the moths that appear near the end. The rest is easy, just remember to slow down the Mud Golems as much as possible by calling Militia.

Charade Boonies

Toll Charade Boonies

There are a few mostly decayed giant trees in swamp jungle.The whole forest is covered with deep rotted leaves.Ev en though the road ahead seems dangerious,the troops have to march.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/19/2400 760/145 Quality Fairy Wood 10% 42 3.8/1
Heroic 5/1/2000 760/195 Quality Fairy Wood 13%

Pure Air Essence 10%

45 4.1/1
Hard 1/6/1900 760/270 Quality Fairy Wood 13%

Pure Air Essence 10% Notch Rock 40%

46 4.5/1
  • Easy: I did it with 3 Mage towers and a Assassin/Fly-Cutter in bottom left. After the first Mud golems (where I relied on tornado), it went ok, slowly filling the map with fly cutters and upgrading the other mages to witch/tornado (All Towers 31, Fly-cutter/witch/tornado, Heros 34/30/25)
  • Heroic: The early part of the level is a rush, especially when the cactern show up. Top row should be three Barracks with no upgrades, second row should be three Motarers. Yes, you read that right. Motarers are a lot cheaper than the other types of AOE damage I had available. With the soldiers from your barracks stopping enemies the cannons do a great job against the early enemies. It might be a good idea to upgrade the right-most one to Dragooner to speed up Slime destruction. After the initial rush, however, tougher enemies start showing up. The third row of towers should also be Barracks with no upgrades while the fourth and final row should be Assassin Syndicate. Which ones should have Fly Cutter and which one should have Explosive Shot is up to you to decide based on your heroes and spell upgrades. Timing of your skill upgrades can be crucial in dealing with the Mud Golems, but eventually all three should have both skills at max. After that it's just a matter of waiting for the enemies to die.
  • Hard: Top row: Barracks, Dragooner, Barracks. Second row Assassin Syndicate. I left the third row empty, and the last row was entirely Arrow towers. Buy Explosive Shot and Fly Cutter for both assassin towers, but don't bother upgrading it at first. Instead focus on upgrading the towers near home, especially the one closest to it. Time your upgrades and spell uses right and this version of the level ends up easier than Heroic.

The Tangled Swamp

Toll The Tangled Swamp

The citizens of your kingdom have great confidence you after your successive victories and more soldiers join your armyOf course, not being there themselves, they don't understand the gravity of the situationIt is not time to head home yet, it is time to enter the Tangled Swamp and fight the Mud Golems.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/2500 770/150 Quality Fairy Wood 12% 44 3.9/1
Heroic 5/1/2400 770/200 Quality Fairy Wood 15%

Pure Air Essence 11%

47 4.3/1
Hard 1/6/2300 770/275 Quality Fairy Wood 15%

Pure Air Essence 11% Notch Rock 40%

48 4.6/1.1
  • Easy: Start with witch and Tornado (at least Lvl 1 upgrade when needed - gives an instant new tornado) on the two bottom-most and the four left-most places. Fill the rest with Archers and upgrade to Assassin Syndicate with Fly-cutter and explosive shots.
  • Heroic: Start with three Assassins: One on the left spot of the top row and two on the two left-most spots on the third row. Give Explosive Shot to those two. Put Barracks on the two bottom spots of the west column (to the left of the two assassin towers). After that it's just a matter of timing your spells and skill upgrades for the best effect. It might be a good idea to put another assassin tower with maxed Fly Cutter on the spot closest to home to help deal with moths, but that can wait.
  • Hard: The four spots on the left-most part of the map should all be Barracks (no upgrades needed). Assassin Syndicate with Explosive Shot at the left spot on the top row. I put a lone Dragooner on the middle spot of the middle row. Next, when you have enough goods, build an Arrow tower on the middle spot of the third row and upgrade it to Assassins. Here Fly Cutter might be better to help deal with the first moths that show up. After that it's a matter of timing your upgrades and new towers. The spot nearest to home should be another Assassin with Fly Cutter for when more flying enemies show up, and right next to it, on the left, put another Barracks. Don't forget to upgrade Explosive Shot, as there are quite a few Mud Golems near the end.


Toll Crossroads

Finally the forces came to the deep forest after bypassing one polluted great lake.Having been informed that there is a crossroads ahead by scouts.Walking towards it,then the king and his jugadors decided to go down that road where there is a meandering stream across the whole forest

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/18/2400 780/155 Quality Fairy Wood 14% 45 4/1.1
Heroic 5/1/2560 780/205 Quality Fairy Wood 17%

Pure Air Essence 12%

48 4.4/1.1
Hard 1/6/2800 780/280 Quality Fairy Wood 17%

Pure Air Essence 12% Notch Rock 40%

49 4.7/1.1

Easy:Put a Barrack Tier 1 on the spot closest to home and an Assassin Syndicate next to it.Put Cannons on the circle turns, an Arrow tower under the top Cannon and a Mage tower under the Arrow tower.Then a Mage tower on the bottom most and the top left spot.After that, fill the rest of the map with Arrow towers.Slowly upgrade the Cannoners to Bombadier with Lvl 1 Tracker Shot.Then upgrade the Mages to Witch Towers with maxed out Tornado, and then the Assassin Syndicates with Fly Cutter maxed out and then their Explosive Shots Lvl 1.Finished this map with Towers:Barracks Lvl 20, Arrow towers Lvl 32, Mages Lvl 32, Cannons Lvl 32.Spells: Royal Guards Lvl 30, Lightning Blot Lvl 31, Ice Tempest Lvl 31. Heros: Robin Eagleye Lvl 30, Korina Chantress Lvl 35 and Durin Atomika Lvl 30.

Heroic:Same setup as easy.

Lizard Temple

Toll Lizard Temple

Scouts finally found the Lizard Temple with going deep into the forest.Whereas they were attacked by crazy Lizardmen upon arriving at entrance to the Temple

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/14/3000 790/160 Quality Fairy Wood 16% 46 4.5/1.1
Heroic 5/1/2500 790/210 Quality Fairy Wood 19%

Pure Air Essence 13%

49 4.7/1.1
Hard 1/6/2900 790/285 Quality Fairy Wood 19%

Pure Air Essence 13% Notch Rock 40%

50 5/1.1

Easy: Assassin Syndicate with Fly Cutter and Explosive Shot - that's all you need here. Put two towers on the right and and one on the left. Keep your heroes on the left side, close to the tower. Upgrade Explosive Shot to level 2 (NOT 3) starting with the two towers on the right. When the first fliers start showing up upgrade Fly Cutter to level 2. Also, as soon as possible you should build a second Assassin Syndicate on the left side. After that it's all about timing: Upgrading Explosive Shot from level 2 to level 3 makes the skill instantly ready to use, which helps a lot against the Mud Golems.You might need to build a couple of Barracks to contain the Cactern once they show up, but everything else you build should be Assassin Syndicate with Fly Cutter and Explosive Shot. Once you have filled most spots with maxed towers it becomes impossible for any enemy to get past your defenses.

Hideout Marsh

Toll Hideout Marsh

Both sides have suffered losses but the time for mourning is not upon us yet.Your scouts have brought you back intel on Hideout Marsh - the Giant Crocs that live there are very territorial, there will be no easy way through.

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/16/3200 800/165 Quality Fairy Wood 18% 48 5.3/1.1
Heroic 5/1/3000 800/215 Quality Fairy Wood 21%

Pure Air Essence 14%

51 5.5/1.2
Hard 1/6/2900 800/290 Quality Fairy Wood 21%

Pure Air Essence 14% Notch Rock 40%

52 5.8/1.3

Easy: Put Barracks on the three left-most spots. Fill everything else with Arrow towers. Then choose a few strategically placed ones and upgrade them to Assassin Syndicate. Prioritize getting Explosive Shot - Fly Cutter can wait until the fliers start showing up. Well-timed uses of Ice Tempest and Lightning Strike helps a lot. The regular enemies are relatively easy even if you are under-leveled. On the last wave the Marsh King shows up. Since he is on the upper path wait until the enemies on the lower path are all dead and sell the towers there so that you'll have more money to upgrade the towers on the upper path. The Marsh King has a skill that gives him regeneration for a few seconds, and also can dodge attacks. Slow him down with Militia and Lance, and throw everything you have at him: towers, spells, heroes... I won with 3 stars and my towers and spells were: Arrows 38, Barracks 36, Cannons 36, Mages 38, Ice Tempest and Lightning Bolt at 35, Militia at 33-2 stars, Lance at level 34, Korina and Durin at level 23.

The Twisted Marsh

Toll The Twisted Marsh

The Twisted Marsh is fabled but there is not a living soul who can claim to have ben thereWe must be as smart as we are strong if you we are to be victorious here

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/15/3200 830/175 Quality Fairy Wood 20% 50 5.5/1
Heroic 20/10/3000 830/225 Quality Fairy Wood 23%

Pure Air Essence 15%

52 5.8/1.2
Hard 20/16/3100 830/300 Quality Fairy Wood 23%

Pure Air Essence 15% Notch Rock 40%

53 6.1/1.3