Militia Magic Skill - Royal Guard Magic Skill - Immortals

Militia is one of the three magic skills that can be used in battle. It appears in Citopolis Gate.

It invokes two soldiers, similar to the soldiers of the Barracks. Militias remain for 20 seconds unless killed first. The skill has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Hotkey: A

It is upgraded at the Magic Ward. See Magic Ward#Militia for details.

  • Royal Guard: Have higher life, armor and damage.
  • Immortals: Comparable to the gladiators of the Tier 3 Barracks, Coliseum, including the Pike ability which makes them able to attack fliers.

Talents: Edit

  • Protection: Increases 700 life each lv.
  • Blood Pool: Increases 70 attack each lv.
  • Containment: Increases 1 second last time each lv.

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