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Upon reaching the target of money you need to spend, you are eligible to receive one package. Which you can select "randomly", so you'll get the 120 Diamonds ones first and then the higher priced ones.


  • worth 120 Diamonds: 10 Diamonds, 3000 Gold/Honor Stars, 5 Elemental Contracts/10 Notch Rocks
  • worth 210 Diamonds: 10 Diamonds, 2 Dark Soul Crystals/20 Madantium, 20 Grindstones/20 Rock Blocks
  • worth 272 Diamonds: 30 Diamonds, 20 Stones, 1 Hero Upgrade Chest

To get all the rewards on the board you have to go through the 5 spending tiers.

$10 => $20 => $30 => $40 => $50

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