The Music Holiday Tribute event is a Diamond related event. You can "Try your Luck" and get a discount on several item packages you can buy with Diamonds.

You get a chance to get either 20%, 30%, 40% or even 50% off. Each pack normally costs 150 Diamonds. The 40% discount seems to be the most common.

The Packs Edit

Pack Content Base cost
1 2 Longevity Cards

2 Cold Wands

1 Potent Bomb

2 Big Caches

150 Diamonds
2 2 Dark Soul Crystals

10 Rainbow Ores

10 Fairy Woods

5 Black Golds

150 Diamonds
3 2000 Gold

12 Madantiums

12 Rock Blocks

3 Magic Hammers

150 Diamonds
4 8 Grindstones

2000 Honor Stars

10 Heroic Medals

2 Upgrade Tomes

150 Diamonds

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