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Mysterious Store is a new promotional semi-permanent Event in The King of Towers. It is one of the rotating versions of the Marketplace. It can be accessed by clicking the Marketplace icon in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen and it doesn't have a separate icon in the Icon Patch in the upper right corner.

Mysterious Store replaced Black Market in September 2015 with a better selection of items available for Gold. The items are selected from the All Rewards collection and the selection is refreshed every day. An immediate refresh can be forced for 10 Diamonds by clicking the blue All Rewards button in the bottom right corner.

The All Rewards collection itself has not changed. The items in the collection are grouped by Reward Rank (C, B, A, and S).

The items from Reward Rank C are offered for sale for Gold in packs of 5 (except Ham) at 50% discount. The items offered for sale for Diamonds come in packs of one and carry a discount of 30% to 60%. Some Reward Rank A items are sometimes offered for Gold and at other times for Diamonds.


Gold price

(with 50% discount)

Reward Rank

Diamond price

(with discount)




Yes, No, or

sometimes Yes/No

5x Jewelry Lv.1 375 C Yes/No
5x Rainbow Ore 250 No
5x Earth Essence 250 Yes/No
5x Fairy Wood 250
5x Air Essence 250 Yes/No
5x Water Essence 250
5x Black Gold 250 Yes/No
1x Ham 100
5x Rich Iron Ore 250
5x Red Beech 250 Yes
5x Magic Book 250
5x Red Pine 300 Yes
5x Black Iron Ore 250 Yes
5x Thick Hide 300
1x Jewelry Lv.2 B 4 55% No
5x Common Rural Camp Items 600 14 40% No
5x Teak 14 40%
1x Quality Rainbow Ore 5 50% No
5x Heroic Medal 15 40%
1x Pure Earth Essence 5 50%
1x Quality Fairy Wood 5 50%
1x Pure Air Essence 5 50% No
1x Quality Black Gold 5 50% No
1x Pure Water Essence 5 50%
1x Turkey A 15 50%
1x Madantium 125 2 60% No
1x Grindstone 125 2 60% No
1x Invisibility Charm 21 30%
1x Magic Hammer 7 30%
1x Longevity Card 14 30%
1x Blue Fairy 35 30%
1x Rock Block 125 2


1x Notch Rock 125 2 50%


1x Essence Solvent 70 30%
1x Potent Bomb 35 30% Yes/No
1x Big Cache 9 40%
2x Treasure Map 28 30%
1x Cold Wand 9 40%
1x Upgrade Tome Lv.I 15 40% No
1x Upgrade Tome Lv.II 35 30% No
1x Upgrade Tome Lv.III 70 30% Yes
1x Blue Fairy 35 30% No
1x Dark Soul Crystal S 35 30% Yes
1x Moonstone 25 50% Yes
1x Any Soul Shard 70 30% Yes
1x Gold Hammer 35 30% Yes
1x Stone 2

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