Mystery Christmas Stocking is a Christmas-themed event. It involves collecting Christmas Stockings from Christmas Level.


Open Stocking Edit

There are 14 letters: A, C, D, E, H, I, M, N, P, R, T, S, W, Y.

You get them by opening Christmas Stockings. They can be sold for 200 Gold each.

After 14 days, Christmas Level won't be available for you to receive Christmas Stockings.

Word Game Edit

Using the letters to spell out the words which will give you rewards.

  1. YEAR (5 Earth Essence/ 5 Fairy Wood/ 2 Madantium/ 2 Rock Block)
  2. MERRY (5 Heroic Medal/ 5 Grindstone/ 1 Upgrade Tome/ 1500 Gold)
  3. AND (2 Dark Soul Crystal/ 2 Blue Fairy/ 2 Potent Bomb/ 5000 Gold)
  4. NEW (1 Basic Christmas Gift, 2 Dark Soul Crystal, 2 Blue Fairy and 5000 Gold = 458 Diamonds)
  5. HAPPY (1 Medium Christmas Gift, 1 Winter Warrior Chest, 10000 Gold and 10000 Honor = 1688 Diamonds)
  6. CHRISTMAS (1 Advanced Christmas Gift, 1 Winter Warrior Lance, 10000 Gold and 10000 Honor = 2088 Diamonds)

Rebate Edit

You can buy Christmas Stockings for 5 diamonds and receive 5% rebate from 2nd day to the end of the event up to 100% (rebate stays for 20 days, you must claim it daily like Daily Login Bonus).