Unlock at Kingdom Level 2.

These are "free" rewards that you get just from playing. Cooldown will start at the first login of the day and after each reward claimed. Make sure to claim all every day, the resources really count.

The Online Reward is reset at the start of the day, Server Time.

In addition to the rewards listed below once every server reset, you will get one Heroic Medal. There is no set time for this. The countdown starts from the moment you collect Notch Rock. This countdown counts the number of hours/minutes/seconds until the server resets and you can get your Heroic Medal.

Cooldown Reward
Start of the day 1 Heroic Medal
1 minute 100 Gold
100 Gold
2 minutes 200 Gold
200 Gold
2 Ham
3 minutes 1 Earth Essence
1 Rainbow Ore
3 Ham
5 minutes 400 Gold
1 hour 1 Notch Rock

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