Item Rainbow Ore

Rainbow Ore is one of the game's resources. It is a rainbow colored ore refined to be used in tower construction (used to fortify defense towers). It's worth 1 gold. You can also send them to your friends in Facebook at level 10.

Rainbow Ore is required to fortify towers from level 5 until level 31. It is also required in the Tier 2 of the arming of soldiers. They are also needed for Dark Trade.


They can also be purchased with cash and/or diamonds at the Marketplace, when it is open.

There are two areas in the Grasslands that do not have the potential to provide Rainbow Ore, Canine Fortress and The Twisted Green. You can always verify what the potential rewards are by placing your mouse over the flag denoting the various difficulties at each location.

Rainbow Ore can be Synthesized into Quality Rainbow Ore at the Forge. You need to upgrade at least one kind of tower to level 31 before you can do this. After all your towers are at level 31 or more, and once all soldiers are upgraded to Tier 3, this is the only use left for this item.

The max stack of Rainbow Ores is 9999.