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Ranger Squad III is another event that follows the Ranger Squad tradition. Users have to gather wood to forge dice from it. Up to 9 pieces of wood can be gathered every day. In the beginning of the event you are given 5 Regular Wooden Dice, 1 Purple Magic Dice, and 1 Remote Control Dice.

A good news is that these dices are no longer put in your inventory; a bad news is that you must use all of them before the end of the event. If you get all of 4 map pieces (Revolver, Binoculars, Signal Shot, Map), you can earn a treasure chest that rewards you depend on your level. Each of them can be got by completing a level.

From Treasure Chest Edit

Level Rewards Diamond value
  • 500 Gold
  • 500 Honor
  • 5 Notch Rock
  • 10 Rainbow Ore
  • 10 Fairy Wood
  • 1 Dark Soul Crystal
38 x 4
  • 5000 Gold
  • 5000 Honor
  • 5 Rock Block
  • 5 Elemental Contract
  • 10 Grindstone
  • 2 Dark Soul Crystal
98 x 4
  • 10000 Gold
  • 10000 Honor
  • 5 Rock Block
  • 10 Magic Hammer
  • 5 Grindstone
  • 2 Dark Soul Crystals
128 x 4

Mechanics Edit

The point of this game is to select the dice you want to roll, click "go" await the result and get your character to move to the area that many steps ahead. You are awarded the designated reward if you land on an area. There are also special areas, called "Land of the Unknown". These can have a variety of effects: Advancing or moving back one or two squares, getting double rewards on your next area or moving straight towards the goal.

By reaching the goal (the traffic hub) you are given Flour. The more of this you gather, the higher your rank will be.

Acquiring Wood Edit

Wood is needed to make regular wooden dice, to get this wood you can:

Multi Research Edit

You can buy dice of different types with Diamonds.

Rewards Edit

On the Map Edit

These rewards are the ones given by the Bazaar or the Ranches.

Type of area Reward
Ranch 2 Rainbow Ores
2 Earth Essences
2 Fairy Woods
2 Black Golds
2 Air Essences
2 Water Essences
1 Madantium
1 Rock Block
1 Notch Rock
200 Gold
200 Honor
1 Grindstone
Bazaar 1 Potent Bomb
1 Cold Wand
2 Burgers
1 Turkey
1 Dark Soul Crystal
2 Elemental Contracts
1 Magic Hammer
1 Longevity Card
2 Phoenix Feathers
1 Upgrade Tome

From Ranking (per level) Edit

For Lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4 - 10 11 - 50
31 - 50
51 - 70 10 Magic Hammer

10 Heroic Medal

1 Anniversary Robe (Lv.60)

8 Magic Hammer

8 Heroic Medal

1 Small Legend Equipment Chest (Lv.60)

6 Magic Hammer

6 Heroic Medal

1 Small Rare Equipment Chest (Lv.60)

5 Magic Hammer

5 Heroic Medal

3 Magic Hammer

3 Heroic Medal

71 - 90 10 Magic Hammers

10 Mysterious Mushrooms

1 Anniversary Robe (Lv.70)

8 Magic Hammers

8 Mysterious Mushrooms

1 Small Legend Equipment Chest (Lv.60)

6 Magic Hammers

6 Mysterious Mushrooms

1 Small Rare Equipment Chest (Lv.60)

5 Magic Hammers

5 Mysterious Mushrooms

3 Magic Hammers

3 Mysterious Mushrooms

The rewards will stay the same during this event, but the Robe will change to other sorts of Equipment.

Order: Robe - Hat

From Ranking (global) Edit

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
2 Grindstones

2 Heroic Medal

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