Reptili Archer Edit

Hit Points Damage Armor Lives
25500 600-800 Armor-physical No Armor 1
Speed Range Air Goods
Normal Long No 30

Reptili Archer is an enemy in Marshlands. It can deal lots of damage from long range in groups.

It gives 30 goods on kill.


  • +1% of max life every seconds/frame (not sure)
  • -95% of damage from Cannon type tower

Strategy Edit

  • While I do not have the in-game entry handy for them, these are one of the main problems in Marshlands. They seem to have some kind of resistance to AoE damage, and do not take any damage from Cannoners. The usual solution against them is either Tornados or Snipers. They do ridiculous damage to heroes or soldiers when they are in groups, and they ignore your Cannoners. They appear to take reduced damage from Mages as well.
  • Assassin Tower with Explosive Shot skill or Sniper with the .50 Cal skill both damage them reasonably well. Stick to these towers with as many of the skills as you can.

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