When you log in or refresh the game the first time in a new game day the Reward Center opens and presents you with a Daily Login Reward. Checking in daily is a critically important Daily Task since so many critical items can be received here.

Screenshot 3-3

Reward Center icon.

It contains between three and five sections:

Daily Wheel

This Section is for historical reference only. Daily Wheel was replaced by Daily Login Reward. There is a random drawing of prizes (spin on a wheel) among:

Gold x 50 30
Gold x 100 20
Gold x 200 10
Diamond x 1 2
Diamond x 2 1
Big Cache x 1 2
Phoenix Feather x 1 3
Cold Wand x 1 2
Ham x 1 20
Heroic Medal x 1 10

You can have 1, 2 or 3 spins/day. This is one of the few places in game where you cannot buy more with diamonds.

  • 1 spin: No requirements.
  • 2 spins: You must have logged in to the game 2-4 days in a row
  • 3 spins: You must have logged in to the game 5+ days in a row

Daily Check

See at Daily Check page

Spending Reward

Reward Center with Lucky Loot Spending Reward 300 with Status
Click the Spending Reward button in the Reward Center to open The Cumulative Reward screen (right) and see your progress toward the next level Spending Rewards.

Rewards Offered

The player receives a choice (1 of 3) of a reward after spending Diamonds to meet The cumulative goal within a 14-day window. The Diamonds limit for each level goal is higher than for lower limits.

At each Cumulative Reward level the game offers a choice of one of theree Chests: Heroe's Glory Chest, Goods Supply Chest, and Engineering Materials Chest. The value of Chests is increased at each level.

Cursor Hover

The cumulative goal parchment patch - see your progress.

Exclamation sign icon - see instructions.

Chest icons - see Chest content (all items received at 100% chance) and reward Diamond value.

When The Cumulative Goal Is Met

When The cumulative goal is met the three Claim buttons activate (turn blue) and one Chest can be collected as the reward. The cumulative goal shows the next level Diamond target. After the reward is collected the Chests contain the rewards fot he next level and the Claim buttons turn inactive (gray).

Reward Value

The total value of the rewards (Chests) for each level goes up with the Spending Reward level both in Diamonds and as % of The cumulative goal for the level. The % is displayed in the upper right corner of each Chest.

Time Limit - 14-Day Window

The cumulative goal resets 14 days at midnight server time after the first Diamonds were spent. The 14-day clock is started when the first Diamonds are spent either after the Reward center is activated (Kingdom lvl ???) or after the previous Spending Reward clock expired.

No player action is required to start the 14-day clock and it is not possible to avoid starting it.

To be counted against the higher levels of rewards all Diamonds must be spent within that 14-day window. After the 14-day period closes the rewards reset to level 1 and any new Diamonds spent will start the next 14-day window at The cumulative goal level 1.

Because the game clock resets at midnight server time of day 14 the actual time to play for Spending Rewards is shorter than 14x24 = 336 hours. Depending on your schedule it can be as short as 13x24 = 312 hours if the first Diamond is spent just before the end of the first day.

Collecting Rewards

Do not delay collecting Spending Rewards. All earned Spending Rewards (Chests) must be collected within the same 14-day window as the Diamonds spent. All rewards not picked up expire when the 14-day window closes.

Diamond Sources

The Diamonds don't need to be purchased with RL money (AG, Facebook) or Kreds (Kongregate) to be counted against The cumulative goal. The Diamonds given out during the game and spent during the current 14-day window will count against The cumulative goal. However, any Diamonds spent before the Reward Center is active will not be counted against any of The cumulative goals.


The goal of this strategy is to get the largest Spending Reward for the fewest Diamonds spent.

To maximize the value of Spending Rewards consider your needs and bunch up as many Diamond purchases in one 14-day window as possible.

F2P. It is possible to achieve the first level of Spending Reward in F2P by saving 100 Diamonds given by the game for Kingdom leveling up, Tavern wins, and Event rewards. When every Diamond is saved this can happen most likely between Kingdom lvl 60 and lvl 70. All 100 Diamonds must be spent during the same 14-day window.

P2P. In P2P mode the Diamonds given out during the game can be used in a strategy to get the next Spending Reward with a smaller number of purchased Diamonds. For example, if 30 Diamonds were saved from Kingdom leveling up, Tavern wins, and Event rewards, then a purchase of only 70 Diamonds (compared to 100 Diamonds) is required to spend the 100 Diamonds for level 1 Spending Reward.

The Cumulative Goals and Reward Values


The Cumulative



Total Reward Value Chose One of Reward Chests

As %


Hero's Glory

Hero's Glory Chest

Goods Supply

Goods Supply Chest

Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials
1 100 10 10%

250 Gold

1 Grindstone

300 Gold

1 Ham

200 Gold

3 Black Gold

2 300 33 11%

900 Honor

3 Grindstone

900 Honor

1 Big Cache

900 Honor

3 Madantium


See the Spending Reward (Old) for information about the previous system which gave Dark Soul Crystals for total Diamonds spent.

Finance (Grotto Bank)

(this section has a time limit, may be an event, or limited by user)

You can choose one of three deals to buy diamonds for real world money at a discount. All of them involve receiving a certain amount of diamonds daily for 90 days:

  • $20: 5 diamonds/day, total 450 diamonds (22,5 diamonds/$)
  • $45: 12 diamonds/day, total 1080 diamonds (24 diamonds/$)
  • $90: 25 diamonds/day, total 2250 diamonds (25 diamonds/$)

Event sections

These sections only appear when the associated event is active.

Screenshot 24-1438657798

Lucky Loot

There is a random drawing of prizes among:

Probabilities for each prize are currently unknown.

You have one free Loot each day. Additionally you get free loots depending on real money spent on the game:

  • 10US$: 1 extra Loot/day
  • 20US$: 2 extra Loot/day
  • 50US$: 4 extra Loot/day

you can draw an extra by paying 10 diamond which reward aren't even close to value of 10 diamond so avoid spaming or else you draw one by accidently.