Robin Eagleye is the kingdom's best marksman and one of the game's heroes, and almost certainly the second one to be unlocked in the tavern.

He's a little squishy at first, so try not to put him into the front lines for his first few levels.

There are times when he can shoot between paths, a good way to keep him shooting arrows and not foolishly drawing his sword and racing in. Experimenting with placement of this hero to accomplish this is vital to getting the most out of him.

When you upgrade his range skill and focus on his speed, he could attack enemies rapidly in a long range without having to come near them.

Robin Eagleye is the kingdom's best marksman.


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Hero Robin Eagleye portrait Hero Warrior Ranger portrait Hero Guerrilla Leader portrait Hero 180016 11 164fsam Hero 180020 11 36ttgmh
Robin Eagleye

C Rank

Basic BP: 800

Warrior Ranger

C+ Rank

Basic BP: 4500

Guerrilla Leader

B Rank

Basic BP: 10500

Sniper Specialist

B+ Rank

Basic BP: 18000


A Rank

Basic BP: 32000

  • Robin Eagle is a ranger full of agility. He deals high damage from a distance and is an expert at dodging enemy attacks.
  • (C) Robin Eagleye is the kingdom's best marksman
  • (C+) The Warrior Ranger lives for battle. Blessed with great speed and agility, he destroys enemies from a distance.
  • (B) Robin Eagle is now responsible for training the Kingdom's guerrilla army in the art of archery. They are masters at ambushing unsuspecting enemies.
  • (B+) Robin Eagle wants to try his hand at using a gun. Using a gun from atop a tree is not easy but in a short space of time, he earned the title of Sniper Specialist.
  • (A)
  • Class: Physical Range
  • Specialties: Ranged Attack, High damage to one target with high speed
  • Especially effective against ranged, fliers and magic resistant attackers.

The main source of the Warrior Ranger Soul Shards to upgrade Robin's Rank is the reward of Wave 40 and 70 of the Blitz Acres. After this, the Supply Station if you send 8 or more runs each day, otherwise the Mistery Reward from Daily Check. See Rank for details and strategy.


Hero Rank Life Strength Intelligence Agility
C 3150 500-750 647.5 140
+50/lv +8-12/lv +9/lv +4/lv
C+ 3780 600-900 777 168
+60/lv +9-14/lv +11/lv +5/lv
B 6300 1000-1500 1295 280
+75/lv +12-18/lv +13.5/lv +6/lv
B+ 7875 1250-1875 1618 350
+94/lv +15-22.5/lv +17/lv +7.5/lv
A 12600 2000-3000 2590 560
+150/lv +24-36/lv +27/lv +12/lv

Augment Limit

Hero Rank Life Strength Intelligence Agility
C +100/lv +10/lv +18/lv +8/lv
C+ +120/lv +12/lv +22/lv +10/lv
B +150/lv +15/lv +27/lv +12/lv
B+ +188/lv +19/lv +34/lv +15/lv
A +300/lv +60/lv +54/lv +24/lv


"Quality" is increased with Rank. The five levels shown (Basic, Ace, Master, Epic, Divine) correspond to ranks C, C+, B, B+, A

Table collapsed for space
Quality Basic Effect(Lv1) Growth Effect
Strength Amp - Slightly increases hero attack.
HeroSkill Basic Strength AmpBasic Strength Amp (C) +300 Attack +300lv
HeroSkill Basic Strength AmpAce Strength Amp (C+) +500 Attack +500/lv
HeroSkill Basic Strength AmpMaster Strength Amp (B) +750 Attack +750/lv
HeroSkill Basic Strength AmpEpic Strength Amp (B+) +1000 Attack +1000/lv
HeroSkill Basic Strength AmpDivine Strength Amp (A) +1500 Attack +1500/lv

Arrowrail - Send multiple arrows to enemy,Every arrow deals damage. CD 15 seconds

Hero Skill ArrowrailBasic Arrowrail (C) deal 700-1200 damage (Arrows: 3) +300/lv
HeroSkill Ace ArrowrailAce Arrowrail (C+) deal 1500-2500 damage (Arrows: 6) +600/lv
HeroSkill Master ArrowrailMaster Arrowrail (B) deal 3000-5000 damage (Arrows: 6) +900/lv
HeroSkill Master ArrowrailEpic Arrowrail (B+) deal 5000-7000 damage (Arrows: 6) +1500/lv
HeroSkill Master ArrowrailDivine Arrowrail (A) deal 7000-10000 damage (Arrows: 6) +2000/lv

Range Amp - Slightly increases hero range. (TBC: blocking chance)

Hero Skill Range AmpBasic Range Amp (C) +7 Range +7/lv
Hero Skill Range AmpAce Range Amp (C+) +10 Range +10/lv
Hero Skill Range AmpMaster Range Amp (B) +15 Range +15/lv
Hero Skill Range AmpEpic Range Amp (B+) +18 Range +18/lv
Hero Skill Range AmpDivine Range Amp (A) +21 Range +21/lv

Strongbow - Deal damage and stun one enemy. CD 20 seconds, Range 160, Stun 2 seconds

Hero Skill StrongbowBasic Strongbow (C) deal 1400-2400 damage +600/lv
HeroSkill Ace StrongbowAce Strongbow (C+) deal 2500-5000 damage +1000/lv
HeroSkill Master StrongbowMaster Strongbow (B) deal 3500-7000 damage +1200/lv
HeroSkill Master StrongbowEpic Strongbow (B+) deal 5000-9000 damage +3500/lv
HeroSkill Master StrongbowDivine Strongbow (A) deal 10000-12000 damage +5000/lv

Fatalist - Chance to deal 1.5x melee damage or 2x range damage

Hero Skill FatalistBasic Fatalist (C) 5% chance to deal crit damage +3%/lv
Hero Skill FatalistAce Fatalist (C+) 6% chance to deal crit damage +4%/lv
Hero Skill FatalistMaster Fatalist (B) 10% chance to deal crit damage +5%/lv
Hero Skill FatalistEpic Fatalist (B+) 15% chance to deal crit damage +6%/lv
Hero Skill FatalistDivine Fatalist (A) 20% chance to deal crit damage +10%/lv


Table collapsed for space
Tier 1 - 2 Dark Soul Crystals and 2000 Honor, BP 300
Talent Arrow SharpenerArrow Sharpener Sharper arrowheads for better penetration:increase attack by 400.
Talent Quick FingersQuick Fingers Great reflexes allows Robin to avoid some attacks:15% chance to avoid regular attacks.
Talent Bounty HunterBounty Hunter Before coming Captain, Robin Eagleye was a bounty hunter:earns 50% more resources from enemy kills.
Tier 2 - 5 Dark Soul Crystals and 5000 Honor, BP 800
Talent Bloody SkyBloody Sky

A trap useful against prey as well as enemies:deals 150% damage to enemies in an area.

Learn Arrow Sharpener + Quick Fingers first

Damage increase to fliers only

Talent Jungle SkinJungle Skin

Armor crafted from ancient tree bark for added protection:permanently increases armor by 15(%).

Learn Bounty Hunter first

Tier 3 - 10 Dark Soul Crystals and 10000 Honor, BP 1600
Talent RapidfireRapidfire

Robin Eagleye becomes more focused after using his strongbow shot:gain 100% attack speed after using strongbow for 3 seconds.

Learn Bloody Sky first

Talent Sundering EdgeSundering Edge

Robin is imbued with weapons that can pierce all armor:normal attack damage ignores physical armor.

Learn Jungle Skin first

Tier 4 - 15 Dark Soul Crystals and 15000 Honor, BP 3000
Talent Godly ShotGodly Shot

Increased 15% of critical strike of heroes

Learn Rapid-Fire + Sundering Edge first